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The Tuesday Politics Thread Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (Incriminating Itself)

Boy, how about that Rudy Giuliani, huh? After months of running around soliciting foreign assistance for Trump’s re-election campaign, and then about as long running his mouth about it on TV, and THEN being sold up the river when Trump released the notes on the “perfect call”, he’s been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives. Maybe, just maybe, there will be a consequence for someone’s actions in this whole mess? Just one?

Of course that news was only the first salvo in a veritable barrage of bombshells from just yesterday. Secretary of State Pompeo was also on the call with Ukraine, Attorney General Bill Barr has also sought foreign assistance to try and help Trump, and phew. I’m getting tired just linking all of this stuff!

What will today bring? What fresh hell awaits us? Welcome to Tuesday.

Even with the recent movement on impeachment, which has us all a-titter, we still need good news, so if something good happens in your area, let us know about it, please and thank you.

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