Creative Endeavors Just Might Turn Into A Prince

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Hey, Kevzero here, I’m an amateur photographer based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I mostly take wildlife photo, but have been recently taking pictures of many other things. This week: Frogs!… and a few Toads. Frogs are another animal that is fun to take pictures of, as they are found almost everywhere especially the the various fresh water ponds nearby.  Although they are now starting to go into hibernation/estivation for the winter, frogs are still rather prevalent while the weather is still rather warm.

01 frog02 frog03 frog04 frog05 frog06 frog07 frog08 frog09 frog10 frog11 frog12 frog13 frog

No longer a tadpole; not quite a frog14 frog15 frog16 frog17 frog18 frog (1)19 frog20 frog21 frog22 frog

Frog Sexy-time23 frog24 frog

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