To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E23: “Crossover”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

All screenshots come from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (


Bashir and Kira are traveling home after opening a hospital on New Bajor, the first Bajoran colony in the Gamma Quadrant. On the runabout, Kira is tired and wants Bashir to take over the controls so she can meditate. He starts talking about meditation, thus preventing her from meditating. She not so subtly hints about quiet and he agrees, then starts breathing rhythmically loudly.


sometimes, the only response to Bashir

He offers to show her his technique but she opts for music instead, and lets him select, as her knowledge is limited to Bajoran composers. Bashir asks for Tor Jolan, and Kira is impressed. Bashir also says he’s glad that they’re talking and putting past conflicts behind them. He says he has found her to be very interesting, and invites her to call him Julian.

The computer beeps as they approach the wormhole. Bashir asks Kira to dinner. She declines kindly and tells him to stick to Dax. There’s some awkward talking and then they prepare to drop from warp.

There’s shaking, and Bashir reports that the warp field has not fully collapsed and there’s a plasma injector leak. The controls are locked. They pass through the wormhole. Kira shouts out some technobabble about how she’s trying to compensate. There’s a flash of white light. The ship stabilizes. They both feel a bit dizzy.

They emerge from the wormhole, Kira noting that they ought to have O’Brien look at things, and then note that the station is not where they expected it to be.

Kira finds it on long range sensors, orbiting Bajor.

Before they can comprehend the meaning of that, the computer beeps to inform them that there’s an approaching vessel on an intercept course. It’s a big ship.

Two Klingons beam aboard with weapons, which they point toward Bashir and Kira. Kira asks what’s going on and the Klingons become unexpectedly deferential, apologizing to Kira and saying they were not informed that she’d left the station.


This scene with the Klingons is shot entirely as though the cameraperson was lying on their back and aiming the camera at the ceiling. It made me feel a little disoriented to watch.

Anyway, this generic Klingon isn’t named, and is wearing a standard Klingon outfit.

Kira asks who they are. He replies that they were on standard patrol when her vessel appeared out of nowhere. They offer to escort her back to the station, and beam away, leaving Bashir and Kira confused.


His companion is no more memorable – both are wearing the usual gray vests with gray shoulder pads and black sleeves.


On the station, the Klingons have arrived and are speaking to a Cardassian, saying that there’s no way she could be an impostor. The Cardassian disagrees.

Kira and Bashir step out of the airlock. Kira demands to know what’s going on. Bashir recognizes the Cardassian as Garak.


I didn’t recognize Garak as Garak, as I’ve never seen him in standard military attire. A slight bit of flair here in the pin (brooch?) Garak has on his chest, which seems to match the ones the Klingons are wearing.

Another voice, this one female, speaks from behind Kira and Bashir, and another woman who looks exactly like Kira, but dressed differently, enters the corridor and asks who they are.


The lighting in this shot sucks, but Other Kira is wearing what basically amounts to a black body suit, with a shiny thing around her head. I thought it was just a circlet, but this shot shows a slightly fancier view.


Bashir asks if they can tell him where they are. Garak says they are in Terok Nor, the center of authority for the Bajoran sector. He asks whose authority. The Alliance.

Kira says they must have taken a wrong turn through the wormhole. Garak doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She says that perhaps they should just go back to their ship.

Other Kira disagrees. Bashir tries to intervene. Garak tells him not to take that tone, and calls him a Terran. This confuses Bashir.

Other Kira says that if Kira is who she suspects, she can’t run the risk of letting her go. She orders Bashir taken below and put to work and kept an eye on.


Other Kira, Garak, Our Kira, and the Klingon go out onto the promenade. Our Kira pauses to look around, noting the logo on the walls, the humans carrying stuff around, and then someone shouts “Intendant!” and comes forward.


I recognized the blue sort of tri-pronged symbol at the bottom as the symbol of the Klingon Empire, but I had to google to confirm that the other symbol was the emblem of the Cardassian Union. It’s showed up in the background a few times, but apparently not obviously enough for me to notice it.

Other Kira answers the call, and asks the Klingon who shouted her name, whom she calls Telok, what he needs. Telok says he has a Terran whom he caught trying to stow away on a freighter. The Intendant asks him for his designation. 0413-Theta, he says.


Ugh, again low lighting means no clear view of Telok or the Terran, but interesting fact I just noticed is that the human is wearing a badge that seems to represent the Earth. Is this really necessary to distinguish him from Klingons and Cardassians? Or is it because humans looks similar to Bajorans and other species who might come onto the station?

Theta, Other Kira repeats. She says he worked so hard to earn that designation and their trust, and why would he throw it away? Then she orders that he be reassigned to the mines. Garak protests – he should die for this and be made an example of. She says he makes a career of setting examples. He says he couldn’t have gotten aboard the ship without help, and this is the third incident in a month and asks to interrogate him.

She agrees and says if he dies under interrogation, she’ll make Garak her example.


O’Brien is in the middle of a large, smoke filled room, talking about upgrading things, when Bashir is dragged in. The Klingon explains that Bashir is a Terran who doesn’t know the rules. Odo is there as well. He says he’ll see to it that Bashir learns them. He asks for his designation.


This Odo basically looks the same as Our Odo, only with a dark gray uniform instead of a beige uniform.

Bashir gives his name. Odo asks if it’s a joke. Bashir says he doesn’t know. Odo smacks him and says Rule of Obedience Number 14 is No Jokes. He asks again for his designation. Bashir says he doesn’t have one. Odo wants him to add “sir” to that. Bashir resists, gets smacked again, complies.

Odo asks why he doesn’t have a designation. Bashir says he doesn’t know, and doesn’t know why he’s there. Odo says to process ore. Has he done that before? No. Worked in the mines. No. What have you done? Practice medicine. He gets slapped. He says it’s not a joke, he’s a doctor. Odo says to scrub before he operates.

O’Brien and Bashir exchange Looks as Bashir is shoved aside.


O’Brien looks very sweaty, so I have to assume that Ore Processing is very hot work. He’s wearing sort of tattered clothing, and again the lighting isn’t good enough to get a clear look at it.

Kira, the Intendant, and the Klingon guard head to what looks like Ops but with different colors and lighting.


They go into the office and the Intendant sits at the desk. She invites Our Kira to sit. The Klingon leaves.


I guess this might be the best lighting will get so, it’ll have to do. The whole outfit looks like it’s made out of vinyl or latex or something shiny like that. Stripes on the sleeve and solid black from about the chest down, with some random black straps or something like that going across the chest.

The Intendant says that Kira is her. Kira gives her name. The Intendant says that makes two of them. She says that things where Our Kira comes from are similar – there’s a station, a Bajor, Cardassians, Klingons. Our Kira agrees the players are the same but everyone is playing different parts.

The Intendant notes that Our Kira doesn’t recognize The Alliance. Kira agrees she does not. She asks about the name Kirk. Nope, doesn’t recognize that either. The Intendant says that Kirk is one of the most famous names in their history.

She explains that almost a century ago, a Terran starship captain named James Kirk accidentally changed places with his counterpart from Our Kira’s side in a transporter accident. The Terrans in the Intendant’s universe were barbarians then, but their empire was strong. Kirk met a Vulcan named Spock and somehow had a profound influence on him. Afterward, Spock rose to Commander in Chief of the Empire by preaching about reforms, disarmament, and peace. It was a remarkable turnabout.

Unfortunately, when Spock was done with his reforms, the empire was in no position to defend itself against the Alliance – the historic coming together of Klingons and Cardassians. And Bajor – our Kira asks? They’d been under Terran occupation for decades. When they were freed, they petitioned for entry and were accepted, then became an influential power within the Alliance.

Is it similar on the other side, she asks Our Kira? Kira says no. Her Bajor is not so fortunate. The Intendant wants to hear more of it. Kira says she doesn’t want to stay there. The Intendant says that she doesn’t know how to send her back. Also there’s a certain protocol she has to follow.

Our Kira is confused, so she explains that after the first crossover, there was a concern that others might come to meddle in their affairs, and so it was decided if it happened again, they would promptly dispose of anyone who appeared from the other side. Unlike Garak, her first officer, she has no taste for violence. She regrets using it even when it seems necessary. Our Kira understands.


Oh hey, better lighting on this side of the office, next to a statue of…a male torso? Okay, sure. Little better detail seen here on the outfit. She is also wearing the Alliance logo in the middle of her chest. And it’s a high collar. Of course. The costume designers hate necks.

She says she knows that the Intendant doesn’t want to kill her and is searching for a reason not to. She says that her side needs what their side has – a strong Bajor. If the Intendant knew the struggles they’d undergone to rebuild their world – who’s to say she won’t be influencing Our Kira’s world this time? If Our Kira’s side once changed the course of history on the Intendant’s side, then maybe it will work the other way around. Maybe Our Kira can learn about how to become the leader of Bajor.

The Intendant says this appeals to her, but she’ll have to get rid of Bashir. Kira says not to, and admits that he’s an arrogant Terran who’s lived a privileged life, so let him see how the other half lives. The Intendant says it’s too dangerous; the Cardassians and Klingons would never allow it. Our Kira asks if she’s the leader of the sector or not?

The Intendant laughs and says that Our Kira knows how to manipulate her. Our Kira says she knows how she’d feel in her place and not care how the Cardassians or Klingons thought. She agrees, then opens the door and instructs the Cardassian who approaches to find Our Kira – this attractive young woman – some quarters.

She then tells Our Kira that she’ll call for her later.


Down in the smoky room, Bashir is pushing a cart of rocks around while Odo looks on. Our Kira comes in and Odo tells her that the Intendant informed her she’d be inspecting the facilities and he will explain anything she needs to know.

She says no, and she’s worked in ore processing herself. She asks if her Terran friend has been behaving. Odo says they all behave when he’s in charge.

She wants to talk to him, and marches off to do so before Odo can react. Bashir says he’s learning a new trade and asks what’s happened. Kira asks if he’s heard of Kirk, and he immediately knows what she’s talking about and the transporter accident.


Bashir looks the same, just dirty and a little sweaty. You can kind of faintly see Odo in the background here, looking on suspiciously. Different universe, same Odo.

He asks if there’s another him there. Nope, and Kira hasn’t found Dax or Sisko, either. Bashir says that O’Brien is tinkering around with machines. He says if Kirk got there by transporter, maybe they could go back that way. Maybe, but she doesn’t know much about transporters, does he? No, but O’Brien does. Our Chief O’Brien, who knows about theirs?

Bashir thinks it’s worth a shot. Kira tells him to try, and she’ll see if she can get anyone else who’s willing to help.


At Quark’s, there are still people playing dabo, and Ferengi waiters delivering drinks.


Much dimmer lighting than in Our Quark’s, and no flashy dressed dabo girls, but there’s still flashing lights on the machines.

Kira comes in with the Klingon guard and sees Quark right away. He agrees she looks just like the Intendant and is surprised she knows his name.

She says that the Quark on her side also runs a bar. This Quark says he hopes the other Quark is doing better than him, as the Alliance taxes are killing him. He asks if she wants a drink – the Intendant likes hot jumja tea. Kira says she’s not her but that sounds good.


The Quark of this world is clearly not doing as well as Our Quark – he’s wearing what looks like the Ferengi equivalent of a blue sweatshirt, with a plain gray (or maybe green?) underneath. It makes him look very skinny.

Quark goes to the replicator and asks if they are friends on her side. She says that Quark does her a lot of favors and is the kind of guy who knows how to get things done, sometimes behind the backs of security people. He asks what sorts of favors she might need. She says maybe a transporter for a few hours.

He asks if a transporter was involved in the first crossover. She agrees. He passes on the tea. He says he might be willing to help under the right circumstances. She says she doesn’t have any latinum. He doesn’t seem to know what that is. She asks what he wants. He says the ability to send others to her side. What others? That’s not important.

She starts to say that she can’t open a revolving door, but then is interrupted by Garak and some other Klingons coming in and yelling his name. Quark hurries over to greet Garak and ask what he can get him. Garak says Quark must come with him, as they’ve learned he’s been helping Terrans escape the station. Quark denies it, saying he’s a simple barkeep and a coward.

Garak says the Terran they interrogated that morning told them otherwise. Quark says it’s all a misunderstanding. Quark moves back behind the bar and grabs a weapon, which he attempts to fire at Garak. He misses by a mile, leaving Garak to take the weapon, and then leaps over the bar. He’s caught easily by the three Klingons and dragged screaming from the bar.

well, so much for that

Quark’s sweatshirt appears to be a long garment, stretching down to perhaps his knees. He’s wearing brown pants. Not clear on his footwear, or if it’s still the same stupid short boots.

Garak says he will miss him, as Quark always let him win at Dabo. At that moment a crowd, led by Sisko, comes in. Sisko calls for the Bartender. Garak says he’s been arrested. Sisko says this is a damn shame. He climbs over the bar and begins to serve free drinks to his friends.


Other Sisko is wearing a brown shirt with rolled up sleeves and a flopped over collar. He looks like a working class guy.

Kira watches in shock and dismay.

Meanwhile, ore processing has stopped for the day, and Bashir and the other Terrans are eating gruel. Bashir passes a good portion of his food to another person and then moves over to where O’Brien is working.

Miles O’Brien, he says, conversationally, and says he knows O’Brien and they’re best friends on the other side. O’Brien is skeptical and asks if he’s also a doctor. Bashir says he’s Chief of Operations. O’Brien doesn’t quite believe it.


The main takeaways from this image are that both O’Brien and Bashir are very sweaty, or maybe just plastered their hair with gel. Bashir is kind of…dusty, I suppose, but the main thing distinguishing him from Normal Bashir is that he’s got plastered down hair. Also, O’Brien is similarly wearing the Earth badge. Bashir is not. Is that a function of designations, or have they just not gotten around to giving one to Bashir yet?

Bashir says he’s good around machines. O’Brien says he knows some things. He asks what else his counterpart, the Chief of Operations, is like. Bashir says he’s married with a five year old daughter, and is one of the most decent men he knows. He also says they’ve fought their way out of scrapes together and he admires him a great deal. O’Brien says the other him got the lucky draw.

Bashir asks if he’s worked on transporters. Some, why? His O’Brien is an expert on the topic. This O’Brien says he wouldn’t call himself an expert, but he knows as much as any Terran. Bashir says he hopes that’s enough, and explains that they think a transporter might get them back to the other side.

O’Brien thinks Bashir was just telling him nice things to get him to help, but Bashir says that everything he’s said is the truth. O’Brien says he doesn’t know him and isn’t his friend.

Odo shouts that meal break is over, so Bashir leaves to get back to work. Odo tells O’Brien he’s wanted in the bar. O’Brien wants to finish what he’s working on. Odo says he’s wanted in the bar by Mr. Sisko. O’Brien sighs and leaves his work.


In the bar, Sisko and his friends are laughing riotously and drinking. They stop laughing and Sisko notes Our Kira’s presence. He slides forward to examine her closely, and says that he was called from the Fowla system to see her. Not only does Kira look like her, but has the same temper.

Kira, stoic and cautious, says that he and his friends don’t seem like the other Terrans she’s seen. He says the Intendant honors him with a ship and a crew, and he honors her by collecting duties of a sort from vessels that pass in this direction. There’s a lot of laughing in the middle of this. Kira asks why. He says he supposes because he amuses her and she’s not easily amused. It seems Our Kira also amuses her.

O’Brien comes in. Sisko jumps over the bar to greet him, calling him Smiley. O’Brien corrects him and says his name is Miles. Sisko doesn’t like that name so he calls him Smiley. He asks if he’s being treated okay. O’Brien says yes and asks what he needs, clearly wanting this all to be over and done with. Sisko notes that “Smiley” doesn’t like him. O’Brien agrees. Sisko laughs and says he likes him because he’s not afraid to show this dislike.


Sisko’s shirt, or maybe jacket, looks like worn leather. O’Brien is wearing what looks like a gray t-shirt and a bluish-gray robe/kimono thing over that, which is fastened around the waist in some manner not immediately clear.

Sisko then says that his impulse driver coil isn’t operational and wants “Smiley” to fix it. O’Brien says he has something to fix in ore processing. Sisko doesn’t care. O’Brien sighs and agrees.

Other Kira calls Sisko and says she wants an update on his latest mission, so could he please report to her quarters. Sisko is quiet a moment, then grins and walks out, his friends all laughing.

In Other Kira’s Quarters, Our Kira enters. The Intendant is having a bath, surrounded by candles and curtains and servants of some type. She introduces Benjamin Sisko and asks if there’s another one like him on Our Kira’s side.


Sisko is lounging like he’s high or drunk, and at first I thought he was holding some glass of something, but it’s just a random metal thing. Other Kira’s quarters are nice and luxurious, but I’m kind of questioning the wisdom of putting a bathtub right in the middle, unless she takes a bath a lot.

Kira says yes, and asks if he is also loyal and true. Kira says he’s a good man. Other Kira giggles saying it would be neat to have two of Sisko. Sisko gets up and starts to leave, saying he needs to check on his ship.

Other Kira asks if she hurt his feelings. He says he never had any to hurt, and leaves.

Rising from the bath, the servants wrap Other Kira in a thick towel. She asks Our Kira about the transporter, saying that Quark mentioned it during his interrogation. Kira admits she did ask him. Why, Other Kira asks. Our Kira explains. Other Kira says that if Our Kira had come to her she would have explained that transporters were redesigned after the first crossover to make sure the same thing would never happen again.


She then puts on a robe that looks like it might be velour or some other really soft fabric.

She asks why Our Kira didn’t come to her. Our Kira says she’s busy. Other Kira says she doesn’t trust her. Our Kira admits she’s a little afraid. Other says she afraid of herself – she doesn’t want her fear, she wants her love – if she can’t love her, who can?

Someone calls and says that Garak has arrived with the prisoner. The Intendant says to send him in. Garak and a Klingon come in with Quark between them. They say that he’s made a full confession and implicated two others, who’ve been arrested. Quark has been through some stuff, so he falls to the ground and is breathing heavily.

The Intendant goes over and holds his hand, moving close to him. She says she’s always liked him. He says he’s always had nothing but respect for her and apologizes. She says he felt sorry for the Terrans. He agrees. But where would they be without them? Who’d perform the labor for the Alliance?

She gets to her feet and tells the guards to give him a quick death, and not to let him suffer any more. The pick up Quark, who begs for his life and mercy.

The Intendant sits at her vanity and says that she’s planned a party for them that night, and wonders what they should wear.


Our Kira takes some clothes and heads to her quarters and finds Garak there, where he makes comments about the gown she’s got. Kira demands to know why he’s there.

He says the Intendant will never let her leave, because she’s in love with Our Kira. Who else would she trust with her deepest secrets. Kira says there’s a guard outside so she clearly isn’t trusted. Garak says he arranged the guard.

He says that the Intendant trusts Kira as much as anyone, so who better to betray her? Kira says he’s taking a risk coming to her. He says career advancement requires risk, and consider his offer – if Our Kira wants to leave, she should assist him. How? By taking Other Kira’s place.

Our Kira is astonished. Garak says that tomorrow morning the Intendant will be gone. He asks Our Kira not to make him use some foolish euphemism. Gone. He wants Our Kira to assume Other Kira’s place as the Intendant and announce that her counterpart from the other side has returned to wherever she came from. Then a few weeks later she can step down to embark on a spiritual journey, and he’ll take her place.

What about the doctor? Kira asks. Garak says he’ll be taken off the station and treated to as much hospitality as Cardassians can offer, and then they can be reunited. He says he’s also made arrangements with Bashir’s supervisor that if Kira declines the offer, tomorrow Bashir will be the one who will be gone.


Kira goes down to the Ore Processing place and tells Bashir they need to leave tonight. She doesn’t have time to explain but says he’s in danger. He asks for more details. She says she doesn’t have time but they need to get back to their runabout and try to make way for the wormhole, which the people on this side know nothing about. She doesn’t know if that will get them home, but they can’t stay any longer.

Bashir asks how they should get past security. She says she’s working on it. He suggests Quark, but she says it’s too late for him. She says stay alert, as there won’t be much warning if the chance comes.

She leaves, and Odo smiles to himself.


Kira goes to talk to Sisko who’s sitting on the promenade, half asleep. She says she has valuable information and wants something in exchange. She wants her runabout back.

He laughs and says the Intendant will have his head. Not if you save her life, she replies and tells him about Garak planning to kill her. Sisko is unimpressed. He says Garak has been trying to kill her since he arrived. Kira says Garak wants her to take Other Kira’s place.

Sisko seems interested, saying this is more creative than usual. He giggles and says he wouldn’t worry about it. Kira asks what kind of man he is. He says she’s disturbing his nap. She says the Benjamin Sisko she knows would never sell his soul to such a tyrant. He says Terrans don’t believe in souls.

She asks what they do believe in? Raising children to go work in mines? She says she worked in the mines until she was old enough to fight for freedom. Sisko is skeptical she cares about Terran’s freedom. She says she cares about freedom, but why doesn’t he? Why does the only person who seemed to give a damn Quark?

He says she’s looking in the wrong place for a hero. He’s made the best of a bad life for his crew and that’s his contribution. She says he charmed his way out of the mines but is no less a victim than anyone else.


At the party, Kira comes in wearing a blue gown. Garak greets her and says she looks breathtaking and hopes she’ll save a dance for him that evening. Kira doesn’t answer.


Okay, so I don’t totally hate this. The diagonal strap is an interesting look, but I think would have worked better if she didn’t also have two other normal straps. Maybe that was too risqué for DS9, though – I mean, she’s actually showing her neck here. The upper part of the dress is kind of a fuzzy texture, almost, while the bottom has horizontal folds. Kira can get away with it since she’s pretty skinny, but otherwise I wouldn’t love horizontal folds.

I think that’s a female Klingon behind her, but I can’t tell if she’s interested in the random musician guy or annoyed with him. It’s kind of the same thing, maybe. Anyway, since she has boobs, she naturally doesn’t need the chest and shoulder armor the male Klingons wear.

Nearby, Telos the Klingon is telling others how he worked as a guard in the house of Duras but was ready to do anything to get out of there. A Terran from Sisko’s crew bumps into him. He angrily throws the man to the ground. The Terran gets up with a long sharp thing, apparently prepared to fight, but Sisko shakes his head and he puts it away.

Telos eggs him on, asking if he’s lost his nerve and is afraid to die, then spits in his face. Sisko shakes his head again and the guy leaves. Sisko goes to stand beside him, but before anything can happen, a bunch of clapping breaks out and the Intendant comes in, dressed in the same gown as Our Kira.

She requests something bright from the musician, saying she’s in a happy mood.


Down in ore processing, Odo kicks Bashir in the back and says he has a lot to learn and it’s a shame it’ll be his last night on the job. Then, there’s an explosion.

Odo calls Engineering, saying they have a thorium leak, and orders the security locks released. Alarms blare. People start to leave. Bashir manages to steal a weapon and shoot Odo who…explodes?

I have to admit the effects here were pretty awesome to watch.

Um, okay.

Bashir runs out into the hallway and opens up a lower wall panel to climb into one of those tunnel things. He gets inside and closes it before the Klingons go by, then starts crawling.

Up ahead he sees O’Brien working on something, and pauses. He moves forward slowly and whispers his name, then pleads with O’Brien to help him. O’Brien turns back to the panel he’s working on and says that he doesn’t see Bashir and he’s not there. He’s trying to seal a thorium leak.

Bashir says he doesn’t know his way around the conduits but he knows O’Brien does and he knows that inside him is a shred of decency. O’Brien says he is a decent man. He just…he says Bashir doesn’t understand and he can’t help, or he’ll be killed.


Bashir says he’s already dead, and the life inside every Terran died a long time ago. He starts down a conduit. O’Brien says it’s the wrong way. Then he asks if there’s room on the ship for him. Bashir asks if he wants to come. O’Brien says he has no reason to stay.

They head off through the conduits, O’Brien leading the way, and emerge into a hall. They’re stopped by some Klingons.

Telok brings O’Brien and Bashir to the party where both Kiras are. He says that Bashir killed the shapeshifter and O’Brien tried to help him escape.

The Intendant goes to Our Kira and says it’s her fault for listening to him. She goes to Bashir and says that she thinks her kind has a lot to learn. He says this is a laugh. She tells him to be quiet. She says Terran workers don’t speak to their superiors or murder them.

She says he was the only one of his kind and is irreplaceable. NO One ran the operation as efficiently as he did. Her voice breaks and she sits and she says this is her reward for treating Terrans with the least bit of replace. She says she can learn from her mistakes.

She stands up and tells Garak to use Bashir to set an example with Bashir by letting him die slowly on the Promenade, with his cries for mercy echoing through the corridors. Our Kira starts to speak and Other Kira says she will die beside him if she speaks again.


The Intendant is, as mentioned, wearing the same outfit as Our Kira, except with a small badge that I suppose acts as a communicator badge, and the usual fancy headband thing.

I’m not sure who the people behind her are supposed to be. The guy to her left appears to be a Vulcan dressed in some sort of priestly garb. The guy on the right is a Bajoran wearing the standard Bajoran uniform in gray, but with a hardness over it and the Alliance badge.

Intendant says that O’Brien has been a perfect Theta for years and what could have gotten into him and what was he thinking. He asks if she wants an answer. Yes. He says Bashir is a doctor where he comes from and there’s an O’Brien in his world but he’s a high-up Chief of Operations. And they’re Terrans. Can you believe that?

He says maybe it’s a fairy tale Bashir made up, but it started him thinking how each of them might have turned out if history was just a little different. He wanted Bashir to take him with him, because whatever it’s like where he’s from, it’s got to be better than this. There has to be something better.

Intendant says not for him. She says Bashir will take him with him, but not exactly where he thought.

Garak starts to lead Bashir and O’Brien out, but then Sisko steps in with a weapon. Intendant asks if he’s lost his mind. He says no, he changed it. Our Kira has a weapon, too, and they and Sisko’s crew back out of the room. Sisko shoots the door, trapping the Klingons, Cardassians, and the Intendant inside.

In the hall, Kira tells Sisko that the Intendant will track him down. Bashir suggests he come back to their side, but Sisko says he doesn’t think he’d fit in there and assures he’ll stay ahead of the law, and maybe try to change things on his side.


Kira’s “gown” is actually not a dress! It’s just pants, and the part with the horizontal folds that I thought was a dress is just a sheer thing that’s meant to look like a dress!

Bashir tells O’Brien he’s still welcome to come along, but O’Brien now thinks he has something to stick around for, and asks if he can join Sisko. Sisko agrees, saying he needs a good tinkerer and putterer. They reach the airlock. Kira says good luck and thanks and she and Bashir enter the ship and take off.

They still have the plasma injector leak from their previous trip, which Kira hopes will help them pass back home. She matches the same speed and attitude as their last trip.

A Klingon cruiser approaches and starts firing, lowering shields to 60 percent. Forty. They’re hit. They enter the wormhole with sparks flying on board.

Back on Our DS9, Sisko asks Dax for an update. Dax says they’ve picked up warp signature traces and detected a plasma leak, but no wreckage. O’Brien senses the wormhole about to open, and it’s Kira and Bashir. Dax says they have damage to their deflector grids.

Kira and Bashir come onscreen, Kira still wearing the gown and Bashir covered in dust and dirt. Sisko says they have ships out looking for them between DS9 and New Bajor – where have they been? Kira says through the looking glass and it’s good to be back. They head for the station.



Stray Thoughts:

* Sorry for the especially image-heavy post on this one. I could have done a dozen more screenshots, there was so much to talk about! Would have been even more if Terok Nor wasn’t so dark all the time.

* Before I go any further, I want to pay a brief tribute to Aron Eisenberg, who played Nog and passed away at the age of 50. We haven’t seen much of Nog this season, but we will see him again, and by all accounts Eisenberg seems to have been a great guy.

* I’ve watched DS9 before but I have only vague memories of the overall plot, and some of these episodes I’ve no memory of watching. I do remember the mirror universe, though I thought it came later in the series. It seems like this must have been a fun episode for the actors (especially Nana Visitor) to play their usual characters, but different. Well, except maybe Odo, as he’s mostly the same.

* Speaking of Odo, would shooting him like that actually kill him, or would he just re-form eventually? How would you kill Odo? (I suspect the answer to this might be found later in the series.)

* I honestly would have liked to see a bit more of this episode from Bashir’s perspective, aside from his talks with O’Brien. What’s it like in Ore Processing? How difficult is it for him? What are the other Terrans like?

* I haven’t seen much of TOS but the connection of this story back to something Kirk did was interesting to me. I’m sure someone can tell me more about the incident they’re discussing, assuming it actually takes place and isn’t something the writers made up here.