The Night Thread of the Gladiator

Melvin Potter aka the Gladiator made his comic book debut in Daredevil #18.

One of Daredevil’s first enemies, “Melvin Potter was a costume designer who held a grudge against costumed superheroes and dreamed of one day defeating them. He constructed a new costume which featured deadly wrist blades, razor boots, body armor and a helmet and then went under the guise as “Gladiator” when Foggy Nelson went to Potter to make a Daredevil costume to convince Karen Page, the girl of his dreams, that he was actually the crimson hero. However, when he faced Potter in combat, he was knocked out in a single blow, but after the real Daredevil arrived, the Gladiator was soundly defeated.”

Although Gladiator has no superhuman abilities – “he is a superb martial arts fighter and very physically powerful. Potter is an accomplished clothing designer, proficient in drafting, design and sewing.”

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