Werewolf 101 – Homecoming (Day 4)

It’s the night of the big game and the school flocks to the football field. Axe Fischer sits down in the bleachers with his trumpet, ready to play the school’s fight song. He gets ready for his big moment, but something’s wrong. He tries to toot his horn, but no sound is coming out! He musters up all the breath his has, and sees something strange. A balloon appears to be coming out of the trumpet’s horn! It gets larger and larger, and yet no one else seems to notice. He feels so embarrassed. Finally the balloon pops, echoing through the entire stadium. It’s such a fright that poor Axe is scared to death! But all is not as it seems. His coach runs over frantically and notices an id badge tucked in his pocket… from the rival school.

Meanwhile on the other side of the stadium, a scream is echoing from the girl’s bathroom. Invisible Waffle, of the New England Invisibles, has been found dead! It was quite a feat considering the invisibility.

Wafflicious is dead. She was a Spooky Student (Vanilla Town).

Buttersnap is dead. He was a Faculty Member at St. John’s (Wolf).


3 Rival School Faculty (“Wolves”)

1 Poltergeist (Serial Killer) – scum role, can kill one person every night. Win condition is to survive one day kill after the Wolves are eliminated.

1 Honor Student (Investigator) – investigates one player every night to determine if they are town or scum (wolves/serial killer)

1 Hall Monitor (Jailer) – protects one player from death every night. This also blocks night actions.

9 Spooky Students (Vanilla Town)



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    1. Wafflicious
    2. Edmund Fitzgerald
    3. emmelemm
    4. forget_it_jake
    5. Grumproro
    6. April
    7. prestidigititis
    8. Moonstermash
    9. Buttersnap
    10. NateTheLesser
    11. Mars Five
    12. sagittariuskim
    13. copontheedgeish
    14. Bob Gurlintongoo
    15. Sic Humor


Twilight will be Friday, September 20th at 8PM ET.