Sports Corner – September 18, 2019

Five QBs who took snaps in 2004 are still playing.  And three will not be starting this Sunday.  The questionable Ben Roethlisberger is out for the year with a poorly defined elbow injury.  40 year old Drew Brees is down for a few weeks with a busted thumb.  And Eli Manning is healthy, as he usually is, but being benched in favor of rookie Daniel Jones.  The last two old men standing?  Philip Rivers with the Chargers and the seemingly immortal Tom Brady.  As a Giants fan, I am glad we had Eli just for getting us those two Super Bowl wins, but his time is clearly done, and I hope he handled this benching better than the last one.


  • The Jets are running out of QBs, and neither of theirs is remotely old.
  • NHL preseason starts.  Regular season is coming!
  • Congrats to Spain on winning the FIBA World Cup
  • Less than two weeks left in the baseball season.  Can the Nats and Cubs hold on?
  • All hail Dearica Hamby!

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.