The 9/17/19 Night Thread Wakes Up

pull, pull the legs, the teeth, the eyes and flesh, make them see through agony

they look at you,  you see puppets, the strings that compel, the cut, the ataxy

they wail and cry, you deafen, they lash, you bind, they will learn your face

they are toys, they are figures to pose, they will understand their place

see no sunlight anymore, they have lost their privileges, they suffer

you teach respect through deprivation, pull the leash, be rougher

they’re dogs, they’re ants, they think themselves better, arise

it is too late, they hate you, you disgust, they despise

the hand raises, poised to strike, and at the last

they leap, they turn, and they are too fast

you cry for mercy, they are merciless

they strike, this is the terminus

the bruises start to intensify

they don’t stop, you cry

you feel the ache

we awake