Werewolf 101 – Homecoming (Day 2)

Socially isolating your peer sure worked up an appetite. You sneak into the cafeteria with your new classmates to find some snacks. Upon arrival, you witness a grisly sight… the menu says they’ll be serving sloppy joes TWICE next week!

You poke around in the kitchen and hear a scream! Poor Moonstermash was laying on the floor, a knife stuck in their chest. They were so young; they hadn’t even had a chance to pick a character! But that was not the end of the horror: Mansfred had opened the freezer to find the body of McLovin, the freshman who was totally 25 years old! 

Moonstermash is dead. They were a Spooky Student (Vanilla Town)

April (McLovin) is dead. He was the Hall Monitor (Jailer)



3 Rival School Faculty (“Wolves”)

1 Poltergeist (Serial Killer) – scum role, can kill one person every night. Win condition is to survive one day kill after the Wolves are eliminated.

1 Honor Student (Investigator) – investigates one player every night to determine if they are town or scum (wolves/serial killer)

1 Hall Monitor (Jailer) – protects one player from death every night. This also blocks night actions.

9 Spooky Students (Vanilla Town)


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Twilight will be Tuesday, September 17th at 2PM ET