The Weekend Politics Thread Debates Debates

A Democratic primary debate happened a few days ago, and it’s been good to read the discussion about it here at the ol’ Avocado. Let’s take a few minutes to appreciate what we have here: a debate between (mostly) mature adults about (mostly) how to best deal with America’s collective problems. This is a good thing. It doesn’t happen everywhere, and in fact it won’t be happening in America either once the nominee has been selected and the general election campaign starts. Here’s a little scenario about the first debate between the two major party candidates next year, as Trump (who, keep in mind, has repeatedly declared his love for Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un and Rodrigo Duterte and just this week Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and every other murderous tyrant on Earth) takes on, let’s say Joe Biden.

Candidate Biden: I’m running for President to restore normalcy to American democracy.

Trump: [Has Biden arrested, cancels elections]

Now, I should clarify: I’m not seriously saying that Trump will arrest his opponent and cancel elections. He will WANT to do that, and he will TALK about doing that, but so far he’s proven himself incapable of even doing evil properly – takes too much effort. However, I am skeptical about whether a standard Presidential debate between the candidates will actually happen next year, and if it does happen, I’m sure it won’t be the least bit substantive. Here’s another hypothetical debate, ever so slightly more plausible this time.

Candidate Warren: We need to address the major problems we face today, like climate change and the lack of access to affordable health care.

Trump: Climate care is an affordable hoax problemed up by the health Mexicans! Get out of my country!

So my point is, to whatever extent the Democratic primary debates are about policy, enjoy it now. When we get to the general, our discussion is likely to have a different focus.

Let’s get to the politics-talkin’. No threats against Mayor McSquirrel, please, or anyone else either. Have a good weekend!