Eurocado Meetup (2020?): Early Planning

Much to my surprise (and delight), I found out that some Europeans among us actually would potentially, maybe, perhaps, be interested in socializing in meatspace! Let’s put that to the test, shall we?


Since I’m expecting this to be a bit more complicated to set up than the usual US meetups our site has had, I’m throwing this thread out there as a very early sandbox for collecting ideas and seeing who might be interested etc. Off the top of my head, my questions are:

  •  Who might be interested?
  • When would they have time?
  • Where would we want to do it?
  • Would we want to do anything special, or just dinner and general socializing? Okay, that’s already quite special to many, but since quite a few people will probably travel from a good distance away, I could see doing something a bit more than just a few hours of hanging out. Of course, participation is voluntary anyway, so maybe there would be one main event and then one or more groups might potentially do their own thing still? Up to us!
  • Or I could also see not everybody being able to make it to the same location, so maybe we’d have not just one meeting, but a bunch of folks might be interested in meeting up on their own? Again, up to us!
  • Many other things I have not yet thought of …

So if you’re interested, if you have ideas and suggestions, comment away. I’m expecting this to take a while to figure out and to happen at some point in 2020 (if we can get it together), as a reference for my gut feeling on this. As said, this really is very early planning and throwing ideas around. But we have to start somewhere!

PS: Yes, of course any non-Europeans would be very welcome to attend too if they manage to make it over here!

PPS: No, I don’t expect us to hike up a mountain, but I came across that pic on my drive and I like it. It’s from Europe, and it has people socializing in meatspace!