Into The Weeds: Debate Day Special

Here is this weeks forum for long-form political discussion.


  • Embeds are fine but make sure they can facilitate discussion deeper than “Oh that’s neat.” or “Oh that’s bad”
  • TLDR Policy: While everyone is heavily encouraged to read the articles, tweets, bills, studies in full before responding you can still feel free to post excerpts especially if they contain something specific you want to talk about
  • Jokes are going to happen but try to keep them in the snark while making a larger point mode and not just a quick one-liner


It is the first Night of the Democratic 2020 Primary Debates where the top 10 will be on one stage together for the first time. To celebrate I am going to link a piece on each candidate on stage

  1. Elizabeth Warren on how to expand Social Security
  2. Ezra Klein interview with Julián Castro ” Julián Castro’s Quiet Moral Radicalism”
  3. Maggie Aster writing about Biden’s Policies for The New York Times
  4. Dylan Matthews on Kamala Harris’s LIFT Act
  5. Mehdi Hassan interviewing Pete Butigeg
  6. Freakonomics interview with Andrew Yang
  7. Sarah Kliff on Cory Booker’s Baby Bonds
  8. Maggie Aster again this time with a rundown of Beto O’Rourke’s policy