The Boyce Fox Night Thread (9/11)

Who is the world’s best fictional author?

I’ve never seen any of the Fifty Shades movies. I know, right? How can I consider myself a pop culture aficionado and not have watched the defining cinematic trilogy based on a series of best-selling books? I know of the plot like the rest of you: through podcasts, YouTube videos, and blogs all dunking on the Fifty Shades series.

From what I have been able to gather through cultural osmosis, though, the series is a nuanced look at the world of literary publishing. In a way this makes it like You’ve Got Mail… only way less creepy. Standing on top of that heap is an in-demand writer signed on by protagonist, Anastasia Grey (formerly Anastasia Rose Steele).

That writer?

Boyce Fox.

Boyce Fox singlehandedly reverses the fortunes of Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP). SIP, of course, is the company that Anastasia was hired into because its editor, the villainous Jack Hyde, had the hots for her. (Though it might have been a revenge scheme because he believe it should have been he, not the dashing protagonist Christian Grey, who should have been adopted into a world of wealth and leisure.) Anastasia eventually would run SIP after Christian Grey buys the publishing firm and fires Jack Hyde.

And with Anastasia ascendant, the era of Boyce Fox properly begins. She might have zero experience in the world of publishing, but she knows a super-star writer when she sees one.

Boyce Fox is played by the Tyler Hoechlin, whose birthday it is today. It is probably his best known role. How could it not be? With a super name like “Boyce Fox”?

The only other character in the series who could possibly compete is Gia Matteo.

Look, say what you will about EL James: her penchant cheesy character names is on point.