The Sailor Mercury Day Thread

Today is September 10th, so you know what that means – today is Sailor Mercury’s birthday!

According to her official biography, Sailor Mercury (born Ami Mizuno, which in Japanese means “she with the mom hairstyle” “”Friend of Water”) was born on this day.  Her blood type is A.  Blood types are a thing in Japan, as it is believed it denotes ones personality.  There is absolutely no scientific backing for this.  Ami’s favorite hobbies are swimming, studying, and sandwiches.

original (2)
Ami seen here enjoying the latter two.

Her first appearance in the both the manga and the anime are practically identical.  The Dark Kingdom (the baddies of the first storyline and called the Negaverse in the original DiC dub) plan to suck the life energy out of studious people via a cram school.  Luna, Sailor Moon’s pet cat and mentor, thinks there’s something strange about Ami, who is the new girl in Usagi’s school.  Sailor Moon disguises herself to infiltrate the evil cram school and finds that everyone but Ami has been possessed by the Dark Kingdom.  The only reason Ami wasn’t is because she misplaced the evil computer disc the cram school had given out and was thus saved from brainwashing.

The demonic teacher of Ami’s class sics the possessed students on Sailor Moon and then forces Ami to give over her energy before she kills her.  Ami resists, causing the symbol of Mercury to appear on her forehead.  Realizing Ami is one of them, Luna slides a transformation pen to Ami, causing her to transform into Sailor Mercury.  Mercury creates a fog with her bubble power, giving Sailor Moon the opening she needs to kill the demon teacher and free the possessed students.

So, yeah, the number one thing people who have seen the show or have an inkling of the show is that Sailor Mercury’s trademark power is to blast bubbles everywhere.   They tend to forget that she also had another attack called “Shine Aqua Illusion” which sent a torrent of ice water right at her opponent.  She actually uses this power more than she used the bubble power.  She also gets another attack in the fourth storyline called Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, in which she plays a harp and musical notes of cold air and ice fly about.  Honestly, Shine Aqua Illusion is better.

(Also, some people have pointed out that the pose she makes at the end of her transformation makes it look like she really needs to go to the bathroom.)

Two of the best episodes involving Mercury come in the second and third seasons.  The second season episode involves another evil cram school (God, what is with this show and evil cram schools?) and brainwashed students.  However, these brainwashed students go so far as to accuse Ami of cheating to always come in first on test scores.  They claim that her friendship with Usagi and Makoto, who are always at the bottom, proves that she isn’t as good as she seems to be because why would a genius hang out with a ditz and an Amazon.  Makoto rightly kicks their asses.  Things get worse when Chibi Usa, Sailor Moon’s daughter from the future, says that Umino (known as Melvin in the DiC dub) has been spreading word to students from other schools that Ami is a cheater and she gets harassed on the street because of it.

Mercury learns that all the students who have antagonized her went to the same cram school and there goes alone to check out it out. She’s immediately attacked by the monster of the week, a droid that can cast mental illusions along with twisting the minds of the vulnerable.  This is exactly what she does to Mercury as being accused of being a cheater has shaken her up.  The other Sailor Guardians show up, but in her mind she sees and hears them chastising her for not being as pretty as they are and being stuck up because she’s so smart.  This was a surprising bit of character development as Ami has never let on that she was insecure about her appearance.  It shows that there’s more going on with her than just being accused of cheating.

Things get worse when Sailor Moon, along with the Moon Cats, Tuxedo Mask, and Chibi Usa show up and she thinks they’re all making fun of her or calling her useless.  It looks like she’s going to use her Shine Aqua Illusion attack on them, only for Mercury to snap out of it at the last moment and use her power on the Droid, destroy the antennae that was controlling everyone.  Sailor Moon destroys the Droid, everyone stops being brainwashed, Ami’s name is cleared, and she’s all forgiving.  Me?  I’d be vindictive as hell, including to Umino, that freaking weasel!

The next good Sailor Mercury episode comes in the third story arc, which has Mercury squaring off against Viluy of The Witches Five, the underlings of the main bad guys, The Death Busters.  Viluy, under her guise as Mugen Academy student Yui Bidoh, antagonizes Ami over her empathy instead of cold logical.

Things get complicated when Ami follows Haruka and Michiru (aka Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune respectfully) into a room where an unconscious Hotaru Tomoe is; Hotaru is being used as the Death Busters “Messiah of Silence”.  However, Viluy has followed the three of them and attacks Mercury after she tries defending the others.  Viluy gloats that her attack, which involves nano-robots that break down matter, will destroy Mercury’s body until only her pure heart is left.

However, the other Sailor Guardians appear. Super Sailor Moon attacks and damages the bracelet Viluy was using to control the nano-robots.  Viluy tries to use her attack on Super Sailor Moon, only for the nano-robots to come off Mercury and attack Viluy instead.  She screams at her “precious nano-robots”, demanding to know why they can’t recognize her.  Mercury replies with “They don’t care about you.  No need for feelings in science.  Isn’t that what you told me?”


The manga has a similar plot, however there’s a bit more awesomeness, such as Ami throwing a pen at a security camera and destroying it, her leaping out a window to escape Viluy’s possessed students, transforming in midair and landing in a swimming pool only to leap out a second later as Sailor Mercury.  Viluy also doesn’t get such a karmic ending, instead being slashed in half by Sailor Uranus’ Space Sword.  Yeah, the manga Sailor Guardians did not pull punches.

One last bit of Mercury awesomeness comes in the second to last episode of the first season, when she’s caught and tortured by Queen Beryl’s DD Girls.  One of them had the power to cast illusions and Mercury uses the last of her strength to smash her little handheld supercomputer against the forehead of the lead DD Girl, thus ending her illusion casting abilities.

So, yeah, Mercury may not be the most stand out of the Sailor Guardians (my personal favorites are Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus), but she isn’t weak in the slightest.  Her empathy and intelligence are her strength and I think she’s a great role model for girls.

So, I leave you now with Mercury’s character song from the Sailor Moon Musicals – “Drive Me The Mercury“.  Enjoy the Day Thread everyone.