Sports Corner – September 4, 2019

Welcome to a special NFL Kickoff Week edition of Sports Corner.  (Boy, that is a bland anniversary logo.) Today. I will make a few predictions.

  • With the arrival of reviewable pass interference calls, no one will have any idea what is actually interference anymore.  At least two important games will hinge on these non-calls.
  • Zeke Elliott will finally sign with the Cowboys, and will make no difference in getting his team to the Super Bowl.
  • At least four teams will suffer ongoing difficulty in finding decent placekickers, leading one coach to start blaming the colleges for poor prep.
  • The bottom half of the league will be incredibly hard to watch, but ratings for such teams won’t suffer much.
  • Tom Brady will have a bad game, leading to endless speculation that he’s finally done.  Until the following game, when he’s himself again.
  • Eli Manning will be replacement level most of the season, and won’t miss a snap.
  • And lastly, the Chiefs and Eagles meet in the Super Bowl.

As ever, all sports topics welcome.