Creative Endeavors Finally Gets Some Whales In 2019!

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Hey, Kevzero here, I’m an amateur photographer based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I mostly take wildlife photo, but have been recently taking pictures of many other things. This week: I FINALLY get some Whale pictures this year. Whales are among  my favorite to take pictures of, and 2019 has been the worst year to photograph them. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why from the weather, to me not being able to get out, and the fact that the whales just haven’t been out there. I’m not the only person that has noticed the lack of whales, it seems that they aren’t around this year. It’s not really a cause for concern yet though, as we here on Cape Cod have been spoiled the last six or seven years with an abundance of whales. There’s bound to be down years, but it’s unknown if it’s a sign of a problem for the endangered marines mammals. However on August 22nd, my dry spell ended with a bang. Before the Provincetown Carnival Parade I went on a Whale watch, and finally took, lots and lots, of pictures of Humpback Whales!


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