The Pluggers: What’s On Around The Avocado – September 2019

Welcome to September!

This is the monthly feature where we plug discussions that are interesting around the channel,  in the hopes that some of our favorites get some love. This is also a good place to workshop any ideas you may have for other features.

Some news and personal editorializing this month:

You may have noticed some new people around! That’s because there was a whole thing that happened on a different site that some Avocados frequently comment on –  “Pajiba” ( not gonna link now) and a lot those of those people decided they weren’t going to comment on the other site anymore and came here.  There was a great “introduce yourself” thread a few weeks ago, and they are a good bunch of people.  Make them feel welcome and I, personally would like to see some new voices in the PT and OT.

Our friend The Wasp has taken it upon herself to try and  do some more longform political posts.  Please check them out, and  you can always publish something yourself!

In fact, you can ALWAYS publish something here yourself! You should do that! GO OUTSIDE THE OT OR PT – IT’S BEAUTIFUL!  Explore the menu!