Comic Book Review – Ghost Spider #1

Ghost Spider #1

Seanan McGuire – Writer

Takeshi Miyazawa – Artist

The breakout star of the original SpiderVerse crossover, Gwen Stacy a.k.a Spider-Gwen, is back with the codename Ghost Spider in this brand-new series from Marvel Comics.

Gwen had her secret identity revealed to the world in her home dimension Earth 65. She decides to attend college on Earth 616 at the prestigious Empire State University, much to the chagrin of her friends and bandmates.

Captain Stacy returns to duty after recovering from a near fatal heart attack. Mayor J. Jonah Jameson arrives at the precinct to have his son John released from police custody. John, as his hairy alter ego Man -Wolf, caused trouble for Gwen and the city of New York. Captain Stacy is threatened by Mayor Jameson’s lawyer that if John Jameson is revealed to the public as Man-Wolf, the captain will lose his job and pension.

Peter Parker joins Gwen on her interview with the Dean of Students. Everything goes well, and Gwen is officially accepted to the university. Gwen leaves to return home to Earth 65 and in her excitement, runs into Professor Miles Warren, knocking him down. Gwen helps the man up and goes along her way.

The issue ends with the Earth 65 Miles Warren in possession of one of Gwen’s spiders, hoping to use the creature to control Ms. Stacy.

I liked the dual narrative structure showing events taking place on Earth 65 and Earth 616 concurrently. I also like how some things on Earth 65 remain the same as the main Marvel Universe, like Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, for example.

I was a bit confused by the explanation of Gwen’s costume. Gwen and Peter save a mother and child from a gigantic rat creature (Rodent of Unusual Size?) and when the child asks how Gwen’s costume didn’t get dirty, she responds by saying her suit is made of spiders. I will have to go back and get caught up on what previously happened to Gwen to get clarification on this information. If anyone can help explain, I’d appreciate it.

A solid first issue from McGuire and Miyazawa. I can see how the pressure of living on two different Earths might cause some trouble for Gwen moving forward. It will be interesting to see how she can balance her new school life and her responsibility as a superhero with the threat of two Jackals looming.

Next Issue – New friends! New villains! Same Gwen Stacy! School is in session as Gwen’s fall semester begins! What villain from the past stalks Gwen’s travels? In Shops: Sep 25, 2019