Worst Cover Song Round 2

Welcome to Round 2 of the Avocado’s Worst Cover Song Tournament.  (Un)fortunately we had to say goodbye to some heavy contenders: Pat Boone’s Tutti Frutti, Taylor Swift’s September and Bad Wolves’ Zombie.

Some facts about Round 1

Cover that Received the Most Votes

Faith by Limp Bizkit (85)

Covers the Received the Least Votes

I Will Alway Love You by Whitney Houston (15)

(Oh) Pretty Woman By Van Halen (15)

Song that Received the Most Votes and was Eliminated

Last Kiss by Pearl Jam (48)

Song that Received the Least Votes and Continues

American Woman by Lenny Kravitz (49)

Pearl Jam and Kravitz had the only tie, forcing me, a Ten Club member, to break the tie.

So vote, have fun and leave comments above the matches. Voting will be open until 11:00 am EST tomorrow, August 29.