Werewolf 99: The Suffering Game – Day 4

Wonderland, with all of its games and sacrifices, has become almost familiar by now. Your adventuring parties, while tired and scared, have forged a closer bond through the struggles you’ve endured here. How adorable.

Still so protracted in debate and scattered in suspicions and competitions with each other, the Adventurers were struggling and the elves were growing increasingly impatient. Things weren’t moving fast enough! People weren’t tearing each other apart enough! The thrills were draining out of this game more rapidly than the blood had drained out of each dead adventurer’s body. They needed something to jolt their victims guests back into action, but unfortunately their employees’ subterfuge would not be it, not for now at least. The Protector did their job well this eve, thus nobody has died overnight.

And so Lydia and Edward took matters into their own hands.

They knew this would happen eventually, but hadn’t been sure exactly when would be the right time to break this news to their contestants. With the game in desperate need of energy and escalation, the elves looked down upon the Adventurers and declared in unison: “There will now be multiple Wheel spins per day. On top of the vicious duel we have planned for you today, and of course another round of Trust or Forsake, you’re going to have one more delicious extra challenge! Two status effects for Round 4, and every day going forward. But wait, there’s more!”

The hosts snapped their fingers, and all at once, the crowd of Adventurers blacked out and fell to the floor. The black smoke the elves had been collecting poured into the mouth of one random unlucky person, and filled their lungs with hate and corruption. They were now theirs to control. The Serial Killer is now in Play. 




  1. Captain Video – Elf Paladin, Santa Claus
  2. Wasp – Warforged Cleric, Katy
  3. Hayes – Dwarf Barbarian, Tanka Mountainfist
  4. April – Friendly Gnome, Stanley , Adventurer
  5. Banner – Aarakocra Ranger, Aera Verlyma
  6. Indee – Bugbear Paladin, Lord Kutisv, Adventurer
  7. Jake – Tiefling Druid, Zadie
  8. MrImMyOwnGrandfather – Elf Rogue, Lord Edge/Blandrew McBlanderson, Saboteur, Lover
  9. DW – Human Monk, Goku Black
  10. Owen – Aarakocra Wizard, Diane
  11. Glitch – Blinky the Beholder, Saboteur
  12.  Hoho – Bugbear Monk, Fra Hoho
  13. Demyx – Dwarf Bard, Gem Glitterrock
  14. MacCrocodile – Dragonborn Warlock, Professor Bipps
  15. Lindsay – Aarakocra Witch, Robin Branch-Break
  16. Sic Humor – Dwarf Druid, Teeger Gusterson, Saboteur
  17. Grumproro – Tiefling Rogue, Nemeia, Adventurer
  18. Ralph – Orc Bard, Ralph Loaf
  19. Mayelbridwen – Gnome Ranger, Eppie
  20. Lamb Dance – Elf Rogue, Princess Leaves, Adventurer 
  21. Donalbain – Dwarf Wizard, Paul Daniel
  22. Josephus Brown – Orc Druid, Daisy Orchid


Your duty as Adventurers is not only to eliminate all Saboteurs threatening your victory inside Wonderland, but to defeat all other Parties besides your own as well.

The are two central Events/Games that the Hosts of Wonderland will challenge you with: The first will be a daily spin of the Wheel of Misfortune. One person out of the entire group will be randomly selected to spin the Wheel at Twilight (and Morning on Day 1), and whatever they land on will have an effect on every living player for the following Day. Sacrifices will be made to abide what the Wheel has landed on. Spinning the Wheel is mandatory to advance forward to the next challenge of Wonderland. You may refuse to accept a given effect from the Wheel, but this will result in the penalty of an extra spin for the Day and a new sacrifice. Multiple spins will eventually be mandatory in later Days/Rounds.

The second central Event/Game is Trust or Forsake, which occurs intermittently (non-daily), roughly every two Days. Trust or Forsake pits two of the Adventuring Parties (randomly selected) against one another, as they will vote through their respective QTs for one representative in this challenge. The representative can never be the same person as before. These two representatives will choose whether to Trust or Forsake their rival adventuring party for the day. An alternative event-game will occur if both representatives choose Trust. If one trusts and the other forsakes, the person who trusted dies. If both players choose forsake, a 50/50 chance will determine which of them dies.

Additional undisclosed events will occur over time, including a special Bonus Round!

We will be tracking the collective morale of all players. If the morale meter gets too low at any point during the game, there will be consequences.

Typical Werewolf still rules apply. A Day phase where you vote for who to kill, a night phase where roled players use their powers.

DO NOT DIRECTLY QUOTE from any of your QT’s. Do not edit comments under any circumstances.

Please note that you must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed.

Please be mindful that some of our players live on a different continent and will not always be able to be active at the same time as other players.


12 Adventurers

  • 11 6 Vanilla Adventurers
  • The Twins: Secret siblings who trust each other completely and communicate in secret. (Masons)
  • The Protector: An adventurer who loves their comrades so wholeheartedly that they will keep them from moving or acting at all during the night. (Jailkeeper)
  • The Boy Detective: An intrepid young adventurer who simply can’t resist any opportunity to sniff out a mystery! They will try to determine the identities of Edward and Lydia’s agents during the nighttime. (Cop/Investigator)
  • The Peacemaker: A zealous adventurer who has one chance to secretly attempt to remove one saboteur in the night. (Vigilante, can only target wolves, not just somebody they know is in a rival Party)
  • The Raven’s Prophet: An adventurer with mysterious connections to the beyond, who receives guidance from the Astral Plane in the night. (Receives one random message from the Graveyard during each Night Phase)

2 Saboteurs 

  • Saboteur Captain: The leader of the saboteurs and infiltrators may occasionally receive direct orders from Edward and Lydia in their private QT. A Captain must always be in play, so if they are eliminated, there will be a recruitment (Alpha Wolf)
  • The Lonely Journal Keeper: An infiltrator who quietly observes and records notes on the Adventurers they are ingratiated with. Once per night they can attempt to discover the role of one Adventurer. (Wolf Investigator)
  • The Lover: A proactive and sociable infiltrator who loves to commiserate with the Adventurers, and uses this friendliness as a pretense for obstructing the actions of their victims. (Wolf Roleblocker)
  • 2 Vanilla Saboteurs

1 Serial Killer: They are an independent agent of Edward and Lydia serving to further heighten tensions and create chaos among the Adventurers.


Day 4 ends on Tuesday, August 27th at 7 PM EST.

Credit for the header art goes to Lucas Hespenheide/Moosecannoncop!

This is our Wheel that will be used for Events.