Provincetown Carnival Parade Day Thread!


Provincetown Carnival week began on Saturday and now it’s time for the premier event: The 41st Annual Provincetown  Carnival Parade, a massive LGBT+ Pride parade down Commercial St. Provincetown! This year’s theme is “The Enchanted Forest”, so, once again, if you’re if you’re anywhere near P-Town, join the party; the parade begins at 3pm! (good luck finding a parking spot)

Here’s some pictures of last year’s parade… I put them in a slideshow because none of them are that bad, but some may be NSFW for some of you

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With a few exceptions, I honestly dont think I took very good pictures last year. I recently bought a new camera lens, so hopefully I’ll get some better ones this year.



Have Fun posting today!

PS… If you are going to be here; STAY HYDRATED! It looks to be a hot one!

PPS… I hope this posts with out a hitch because at 11am, I’ll be well out of WIFI range