Weekly Who #5 Celebrates The 7th Doctor

Today is Sylvester McCoy’s birthday. To celebrate this week’s thread is all about The Seventh Doctor.

Premiering in the serial Time And The Rani and departing in The Tv Movie. The Seventh Doctor is a Time Lord of two faces. On the surface a puckish rogue delighting in jokes, games, and playing the spoons. But, underneath a Machiavellian schemer with an obsession for hunting down and vanquishing evil.

One of my favorite 7th Doctor stories is the serial The Happiness Patrol this story involves 7 and Ace landing on a planet controlled by Margaret Thatcher Helen A where sour moods were punishable by death (sweetly constructed by Kandyman himself) and where dark colors like blue are painted with the much happier Pink.

What are your favorite 7th Doctor episodes? Have you read the Virgin New Adventures? (they’re very good) What About the audios? (My favorite audio with 7 is Master) let me know in the comments