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AVoCADo GamesCast #52: Assassin Grandmas

Heya nerds! Episode #52 of the GamesCast is finally out. First off, I’d just like to apologize for the crappy audio quality; my mic had some issues during recording, and The Kappa did his best to rescue what he could. We advise listening with headphones To the new Papayas who are joining us, I promise you that this isn’t reflective of the podcast’s usual audio quality. Check out an earlier episode to hear what this podcast usually sounds like.

Anyway, this episode is all about open urban open-world crime games – your GTAs, your Saints Rows, your Watch-Underscore-Dogs, etc. The Kappa, PT, Lovely Bones, and I had a lot to say about the subject!

This episode has a content advisory for discussions of sexual exploitation and graphic violence throughout. Spoiler warnings can be found in the linkdump.

You can listen to the podcast with the embedded player above, or you can subscribe on iTunes, on Google Play, or directly to our podcast feed. You can also download a copy directly from the Internet Archive. Please check out the linkdump on the podcast’s website, and feel free to leave feedback for the podcast!

0:15 – Introductions
3:40 – What We’ve Been Playing
28:55 – Urban Open-World Games We’ve Playing
43:55 – Stories in Urban Open-World Games, Part 1
53:50 – Themes and Societal Influence, Part 1
1:14:35 – The History of the Genre
1:18:55 – Weirdness in Open-World Games
1:23:00 – Themes and Societal Influence, Part 2
1:26:30 – The Content of Open-World Games
1:31:35 – Player Freedom
1:43:05 – Stories in Urban Open-World Games, Part 2
1:46:45 – Supernatural and Sci-Fi Elements
1:52:05 – Superhero Games
2:09:05 – Sandbox Gameplay
2:11:10 – The Business of Open-World Games
2:17:00 – The Future of the Genre
2:22:45 – Concluding with Some Saints Row 2