Werewolf 99 – The Suffering Game Signups

You are several parties of adventurers in this fantasy kingdom, all having banded together for the time being to survive your journey through the dangerous and mysterious Felicity Wilds, a dense and gnarled forest. You all have traveled through the Wilds for days, aching to reach your destination, and finally it is upon you: at the center of a clearing in the woods is a squat cylindrical building. Inside this unassuming structure, you shall find your destiny. Inside it, you shall find Wonderland, where your heart’s desire, whatever it may be, can be rewarded to you … for the right price. 


There will be 16 to 24 players in total. 4 to 6 in each of the Adventuring Parties. These parties are alignment-neutral, which is to say that both Town and Scum will be present in each Party. There will be separate QTs for each of these Parties as well as for scum and various other roles.

Adventurers (Townsfolk) 

Your goal in Wonderland is not only to secure victory over the rival Adventurers, but to successfully excise all infiltrators within your Party, infiltrators who will sabotage your Party as agents of Wonderland. Traditional voting to kill one player during each Day phase is simply one of many tools available to you to conquer your opponents (and eliminate the wolves).

  • Various Vanilla adventurers
  • The Twins: Secret siblings who trust each other completely and communicate in secret. (Masons)
  • The Protector: An adventurer who loves their comrades so wholeheartedly that they will keep them from moving or acting at all during the night. (Jailkeeper)
  • The Boy Detective: An intrepid young adventurer who simply can’t resist any opportunity to sniff out a mystery! They will try to determine the identities of Edward and Lydia’s agents during the nighttime. (Cop/Investigator)
  • The Peacemaker: A zealous adventurer who has one chance to secretly attempt to remove one saboteur in the night. (Vigilante, can only target wolves, not just somebody they know is in a rival Party)
  • The Raven’s Prophet: An adventurer with mysterious connections to the beyond, who receives guidance from the Astral Plane in the night. (Receives one random message from the Graveyard during each Night Phase)

Saboteurs (Wolves) 

The Hosts of Wonderland will do everything they can to rig the game against its participants. They have employed this team of undercover individuals and secretly seeded them within all parties of Adventurers in order to sabotage them at any cost and ensure victory for Wonderland.

  • Vanilla Infiltrators
  • Saboteur Captain: The leader of the saboteurs and infiltrators may occasionally receive direct orders from Edward and Lydia in their private QT. A Captain must always be in play, so if they are eliminated, there will be a recruitment (Alpha Wolf)
  • The Lonely Journal Keeper: An infiltrator who quietly observes and records notes on the Adventurers they are ingratiated with. Once per night they can attempt to discover the role of one Adventurer. (Wolf Investigator)
  • The Lover: A proactive and sociable infiltrator who loves to commiserate with the Adventurers, and uses this friendliness as a pretense for obstructing the actions of their victims. (Wolf Roleblocker)

Serial Killer: This is a determinant role, it may or may not appear during the game depending on circumstances. They will be operating as an independent agent of Edward and Lydia and serve to create further chaos.


The are two central challenges/events during this game: The first will be a daily spin of the Wheel of Misfortune. One person out of the entire group will be randomly selected to spin the Wheel at Twilight (and Morning on Day 1), and whatever they land on will have an effect on every living player for the following Day. Sacrifices will be made to abide what the Wheel has landed on. Spinning the Wheel is mandatory to advance forward to the next challenge of Wonderland. You may refuse to accept a given effect from the Wheel, but this will result in the penalty of an extra spin for the Day and a new sacrifice. Multiple spins will be mandatory in later Days. 

The second central event is Trust or Forsake, which occurs intermittently (non-daily). Trust or Forsake pits two of the Adventuring Parties (randomly selected) against one another, as they will vote through their respective QTs for one representative in this challenge. The representative can never be the same person as before. These two representatives will choose whether to Trust or Forsake their rival adventuring party for the day. An alternative event game will occur if both representatives choose Trust. If one trusts and the other forsakes, the person who trusted dies. If both players choose forsake, a 50/50 chance will determine which of them dies. 

Additional undisclosed events will occur over time, including a special Bonus Round!

There is a mechanic of measuring the collective morale of all adventurers. If the morale meter gets too low at any point during the game, there will be consequences.

This is a pretty complex, advanced game and may not be the best entry point for new players. Also the title really is telling you what you’re about to get into.

When signing up, players must choose between the following as their respective species and adventurer class. This will not affect gameplay: 

Player Species – Dwarf, Elf, Human, Halfling, Orc, Dragonborn, Aarakocra (bird people), Bugbear, Goblin, Tieflings, Warforged, Gnome. 

Player Class – Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, Wizard, Bard, Ranger, Paladin, Druid, Monk, Warlock, Barbarian.

Role-playing is highly encouraged. It’s okay for your character to reach beyond the traditional confines of a Dungeons and Dragons setting, within reason.

DO NOT DIRECTLY QUOTE from any of your QT’s. Do not edit comments under any circumstances.

Please note that you must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed.

Credit for the header art goes to Flipgang!

This game will be hosted by the delightful Spookyfriend and the Loveliest of Bones!

Comment below to sign-up!


  1. Captain Video – Elf Paladin
  2. Wasp – Warforged Cleric 
  3. Hayes – Dwarf Barbarian 
  4. April – Gnome 
  5. Banner – Aarakocra Ranger 
  6. Indee – Bugbear Paladin 
  7. Jake – Tiefling Druid 
  8. MrImMyOwnGrandfather – Elf Rogue 
  9. DW – Human Monk 
  10. Owen – Aarakocra Wizard 
  11. Glitch
  12.  Hoho – Bugbear Monk 
  13. Demyx – Dwarf Bard 
  14. MacCrocodile – Dragonborn Warlock 
  15. Jude – 
  16. Sic Humor – Dwarf Druid
  17. Grumproro – Tiefling Rogue
  18. Ralph – Orc Bard
  19. Mayelbridwen – Gnome Ranger
  20. Lamb Dance – Elf Rogue
  21. Donalbain – Dwarf Wizard
  22. Josephus Brown – Dwarf Druid