The Avocado Nonreligious Thread Doesn’t Believe We’ve Been Introduced

Welcome to the initial, trial thread for a discussion space for atheists, agnostics, and non-believers on the Avocado! I created this thread because I’ve seen a lot prominent atheist spaces online be taken over by an ugly, regressive form of smug edgelord atheism, often exhibiting exactly the same bigotries that we so often call out organized religion for promoting. (Here’s a recent blog post about Skepticon which goes into some detail about this phenomena and why it happened.) Most recently, the Atheist Community of Austin, which I remember with fondness as a really cool organization with a great public access show, was enveloped with this stuff over the objections of several women who were long-standing hosts. My hope is that this will become a place where we can vent when necessary and discuss issues of interest to non-believers while still maintaining the high community standards of the Avocado.

This first thread is mostly to gauge how much interest there is for something like this and discuss what form people would like it to take, how frequently it should go up, etc! Here’s some discussion topics:

1 – What to call the thread? My first thought was just to call it the Atheism Thread – I subscribe to a pretty broad definition of atheism that already includes agnostics and most non-religious people, and I always self-describe that way because I want to reclaim the term from those who’ve given it such an ugly reputation. But some people prefer different terms.

2 – Who can participate? Some threads limit participation to only those people who fall into the category. Would you like to see such a rule here, or should everyone be able to post? Personally, I kind of like the idea of being able to answer questions for anyone who’s curious, but some people might want a more private space.

3 – What day/time would be most convenient?

4 – If you have a better idea for a header image, let me know. I was going to use Sideshow Mel looking on uncomfortably while Krusty pressures him to pray for the show, but I guess that was a deleted scene because I can’t find it on Frinkiac. So I just threw some outer space up there instead. SCIENCE!

Okay, discuss!