Marble League Showdown: Event #1 – Sand Rally

The MarbleLympics are back, baby! And this time they have a new, less copyright-infringing name: the Marble League.1 If you’re just joining us for the first time, the Marble League is a series of “sporting” events where teams of marbles compete for orbicular athletic glory. The masterminds behind these events are Dutchmen Jelle and Dion Bakker. Commentary is provided by Greg Woods. We salute them and their ingenuity.

In the Marble League Showdown, teams compete for a spot in the Marble League qualifiers. Subsequently, the teams that advance from the qualifiers will get to compete in the Marble League in 2020, the main marble run competition.

The sand rally is a fan favourite event. Marbles race down a twisting sandy channel, with obstacles, like twigs and pebbles, occasionally blocking the way. Speed is the most obvious asset for a marble to have on this track, but collision management is a must as well. Successfully jockeying for a better position can be the difference between finishing on the podium and finishing several spots behind.

Right out of the gate, Candy of the Jawbreakers takes the lead, a lead that she will maintain for the duration of the event. What’s exciting is what happens back in second and third place. Vespa of the Hornets constantly faces challenges for second place from Snowstorm of the Snowballs and Bramble of the Bumblebees. Bramble even manages to take second for a while. But then, he tragically gets caught on a twig and has to wait to get nudged by another marble. In the end, the Jawbreakers take the gold, with the Hornets and the Snowballs taking silver and bronze, respectively.

Stray thoughts:

  • My beloved Limers finished in dead last after getting stuck. This doesn’t bode well for their chances to even make the Marble League qualifiers. I’m sad.
  • A lot of fan favourites in the pack — Rojo Rollers, Minty Maniacs, Shining Swarm, and Kobalts, to name a few.
  • Team Momary has separated back into Team Momo and Team Primary. I guess Team Momo finally dealt with their injuries.

Next up: Collision! I hear that event’s a real banger.

Complete stats for the Marble League Showdown can be found at the Marble League Wiki.