Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom: Back to School 2019

I hope I’m not stepping on TheDivineMsRim’s toes by posting this, but it is back to school time and it has been nearly a year since we have done one of these. It’s ironic that I am the one who is itching for a new classroom thread, as I just resigned my teaching position to take a job writing computer science curriculum. But I’m still getting emails from my old job and reading Facebook posts from our local teacher advocacy group, so school and the role of teachers is very much on my mind.

I guess we need a couple discussion topics. How about these?

  • For everyone: What are your hopes/dreams/fears/gripes for and about the upcoming school year?
  • For professional educators: What’s the situation where you are? Are teachers happy? What are the main issues facing your professional community right now?