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Late to the Party: Setting it Up

As some may have noticed, I’ve suggested an idea for a discussion where a volunteer does a write up on an old piece of media (albums, books, comics, films, shows, video games) that they’ve recently digested for the first time. The Game Thread folk seem to be interested but right now I’m trying to decide some of the general rules and how broad it should be.


Like what would be considered an old piece of media, especially since different industries evolve at different rate? Like a film from 10 years ago wouldn’t be considered old by most, but a game from 10 years ago would be considered old.

And how often would it be posted? I’ve already mentioned considering doing it on a weekly basis (which will be the minimum), but if there are a flood of volunteers for each individual medium, maybe doing it once a week isn’t enough?

For games, would remasters be allowed?

Is it too similar to an existing weekly thread that I’m unaware of?



I’d just like to hear all your thoughts/suggestions before I start getting this going.