The Night Thread is a Croc (8/14)


These plastic shoes were originally designed to be worn on boats. Fun fact: Crocs debuted at a boat show. The clunky plastic clogs soon caught the cultural zeitgeist. Celebrities were spotted (and shamed) for wearing shoes that could be easily washed by a garden hose.  Actors, celebrity chefs, athletes, you name it. We’re talking the likes of Uma Thurman, Jack Nicholson, and Mario Batali. The official Crocs website currently features Zooey Deschanel and Avocado favorite Natalie Dormer.

Crocs could be modified with Jibbitz, which are little pieces of bling that you can put on Crocs.

One of my pairs has a BB-8 Jibbitz.

They were the easy punchline of every comedian from the late 2000’s.

Then, all of the sudden, fashion Crocs made an appearance at the London Fashion Show, complete with polished stone Jibbitz.  How shiek!

Post Malone launched a line of special edition Crocs that sold out in minutes. They have a barb wire pattern, which makes it edgy. Or ironic. I can’t remember.  They have some rad Jibbitz like a snake and a buzzsaw.


Post Malone is back… in Croc form!

There’s also another special edition Post Malone Croc that I found on eBay. This one is textured to look more like an actual crocodile. People are trying to sell them for $300-$500.

So Crocs are cool now!


Aw, who am I kidding…

Valuable Croc info — including addressing whether or not Crocs are edible — comes from the Household Name podcast.