american dad

“No Weddings and a Funeral” American Dad! S16E18

Klaus leaves the family after one too many harassments.   15 years later, they reconnect for his funeral.

Has American Dad ever done a fast forward to the future episode?  I think not, but it’s about time they did one.   And did it deliver.

Dinner time at the Smiths.  Stan disagrees with with Francine putting chicken bones down the garbage disposal.  One thing leads to another and they fuck with Klaus and drop him down the disposal as a joke.



“I guess you CAN but chicken down the drain”

“Tell that idiot pieces of shit are supposed to go in the toilet”


After a trip to the ice cream parlor, Klaus has had enough.  That was the last straw and he leaves.  Not that family even seems to care.


15 Years in later …


Steve is very successful


Francine married Toshi, only because she was confused and thought he was Snot.  Jeff and Hayley got busy didn’t they.  But they haven’t been in touch with the family in over 10 years.


How about Stan?  Stan ain’t doing so well. Especially after the divorce and that 80 yard restraining order.


The family reunites after getting news that Klaus died.   Also Steve brought Douglas, his jerk-off robot.

ad9.pngA mysterious nun, Sister Madeline, shows up to conduct the funeral , but not before she asks the family to gather pictures and fond memories of Klaus.  Because it’s about Klaus, because she IS Klaus.   Klaus hopes to make the family rue the day he left.  Roger sees right thru this farce and thinks this ruse is cool. ad11.png But the family has neither pictures or fond memories of Klaus.   At the funeral, all the Smiths can do is make even more fun of Klaus.  This is the last straw (again) for Klaus!  He reveals who his is, gasses the family and puts them in his old fish body.


The family is none to happy about this new predicament, nor do they want to learn a lesson for how they treat Klaus.


But fate intervenes, a candle gets knocked over, and the house catches on fire.  The Smiths have to come together to save themselves and fight off Steve’s JO robot since it’s been over 24 hours since it’s been “serviced”.  To battle stations!


They escape the blaze and  in the end, they all realize that Klaus was the glue that kept the family together.  “Klaus is incredibly important because he sucks so much.”

All’s well that ends well.  “To mom and dad’s second marriage!”  “DISPOSAL! DISPOSAL! DISPOSAL! DISPOSAL!”  “I’M THE GLUE BABY!”


Really good episode.  We’ve seen future Steve and Snot before, but never has the show taken us in the future.   I really enjoyed this take, even if the Simpsons did it.  Bat-shit crazy as only American Dad can deliver.   Still , poor Klaus , the goldfish step-child of the the family.

Grade A-