Blah Blah, Fire A Gun, You’re Going to Need Someone to Day Thread (8/13)

August 13 is the birthday of Danish singer MØ, who many of you remember as being in that 2015 ear worm, “Lean On”, from Major Lazer.

In the video, the crew (who are Major Lazer and maaaaybe DJ Snake?) seems to be riding the Venga bus while MØ is high on the spice from  Arrakis.  Being on the spice means coming to some mind blowing revelations, such that both blowing a kiss and firing a gun requires someone to lean on.

Also, I always thought MØ was singing, “Focus, fire a gun”.  It just makes more sense! I came across one gif where the creator assumes that the lyrics are “Butt kiss, fire a gun”… and that makes no sense at all. However, I can hear that more than I hear “blow a kiss.” Suffice to say that — from a sample size of two — no one in the world has ever heard MØ sing “blow a kiss”.

Anyway, dancing on the top of a moving bus seems highly irresponsible, MØ, especially when you don’t have anything to lean on.