american dad

“Enter Stanman” American Dad! S16E17

Roger helps Stan enter Francine’s dreams after he becomes insecure about their contents.

Our story opens with Francine handing out lunches to the family as they head out for their day.   After everyone is gone, Francine and Jeff get it on!


Only this turns out to be a dream.  She tells the family and they all have a good laugh.

Hayley – “You ? with Jeff? with his floppy little ding dong?!?!”


Every has a good laugh except for Stan of course.   He tells Francine to never sleep again.  Stan just can’t be an adult about this.  After trying to keep Francine from falling asleep for who knows how long, they go see Dr. Penguin’s twin brother, Dr. Buttblast for therapy.  But Roger is more interesting in new names for his hot sauce than helping.   Stan is too insecure to let this dream go.  Time for a song!  And Siamese Rogers


Roger tells Stan that one of his alien powers is going inside people’s dreams.   So without delay, Stan gets into them Francine dreams.


Wild stuff ensues.  Kudos to the animation sequences.  All sorts of crazy stuff in this place.


Stan will allow it, until he finds out that Francine sees him as a whiny little baby.


Insecure Stan shows up at the next morning’s breakfast to epic failure.  Does a baby have this?!?!


Stan, still insecure, though he won’t admit it, goes back into Francine’s dreams and finds out that Francine’s subconscious has created many versions of Stan.  Anger, emotional unavailability, dorky side, lesbian grandmother side,  and an insecure  fern lover Stanferatu.   As a bonus, we get some narration from Dream Bullock,


Stan doesn’t know the basic rules of dream storming and brings Staneratu into the real world via dream quake!



Due to Stan’s interference, Francine disappears into the dream quake, wondering from dream to dream.  Stan and Stanferatu buddy p to locate Francine .

“The boy seeks to outlive you!”


Stanferatu’s own insecurity makes Stan realize why Francine thinks of him like this.  Stan goes inside Steve’s dream  and finds finally finds Francine.  Stan figures he has to have dream sex with Jeff (since Francine ain’t going to do that)  to defeat Stanferatu and his own insecurities.


Dream Sword FTW!


In the B Plot, Roger, Klaus and the hot sauce.





This was quite an wild episode.  Great animated dream sequences, Stan learns a lesson, at least until next week.   The B plot integrated well with the A plot.

Grade B+