Weekly Who #3 is a Cybercourse on Cybermen

It’s that Wibbly Wobbly Time of Week again friends. Today in Weekly Who your intrepid guide to all things Doctor Who will attempt to untangle the web that is the parallel histories and origins of everyone’s favorite assimilators The Borg The Cybermen. Spoilers for a lot of different stories are ahead so beware.

  1. Mondas: The Original (Both in-universe and out) Cybermen these Nightmares in Silver originally started mechanizing themselves up in an attempt to save themselves from a planet that was growing ever more inhospitable for them due to the planet traveling further and further away from the habitable zone and by a group of Mondasian Refugees on a Colonyship that got trapped near a Black Hole. Where the Mondasians found this technology is subject to some debate. Some sources (Audio: Spare Parts) claim that cyber conversion was the survival plan cooked up by The Gestalt Intelligence that ruled the planet at the time. The Lizard Kings (Mondasian Silurians) on the other hand (Comic: The Cybermen) had cave paintings and other records showing that an ancient race of Cybermen existed on the planet’s surface at the same time as Lizard Kings and Sea Devils (who don’t get a cool new name). The noncyber Mondasians thusly later discovered this technology through archeological digs.


  1. Marinus: On the planet Marinus The Voord acquired Worldshaper technology in order to speed up time and finish their evolution to cyborgs. This evolution made them look and talk an awful lot like Cybermen. (Comic: The World Shapers) Voord Cybermen
  2. Pete’s World: The Cybermen of This Alternate Universe (All other origins take place in the same universe mind) These Cybermen were the creation of CEO of Cybus Industries John Lumic. He created them in order to UPGRADE humanity and DELETE flaws like emotions and voices that haven’t been filtered through Scary Robot Voices Vol 3. (TV: Rise Of The Cybermen)

Cybus Cybermen

  1. Missy’s Cybermen: A couple of years ago here on Earth a bunch of rich people decided that the human consciousness lives on after death. So in order to essentially buy heaven they paid the 3W corporation (and the leader the Renegade Time Lady known as Missy) to build them life after death. Missy took this money converted the corpses into yet another new batch of Cybermen and then after convincing a bunch of the dead to turn off their emotions, she downloaded (somehow) the dead back into their bodies so she’d have her own Cyberarmy. (TV: Death In Heaven) Missy Cyberman

I think this is all the origin stories of The Cybermen that have been written over the decades. They are all officially canon as of The Episode World Enough And Time as well. If you want to know more about the Cybermen I can explain the Cyberwars at a later date if y’all wish to know what happened when Cybusmen meet the Mondas/Marinus/Earthmen

Did I miss any? What are your favorite Cyberman stories? Got anything else Doctor Who to talk about? Sound off in the comments.