The Creative Endeavors Thread Strolls Down Memory Lane

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I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning around the place in preparation for the autumn and winter (yes, already), which have traditionally been my most creative months, either for visual art or prose, and unearthed quite a lot of work I’d long forgotten or thought I’d thrown away. I also took the opportunity to do another purge, and among the cleaning (which keeps partially sliding back due to my ongoing painting), my old sketchbook turned up. Though I “officially” started drawing again in the autumn of 2015, there was a brief period in 2002-03, right after I’d moved to Michigan, wherein I dealt with my depression and feelings of failure through drawing, something I hadn’t done much since I graduated high school ten years before (I had more or less been done out of academia and it took me years to really face up to how much the experience had crushed me).


I don’t dwell much on “might-have-beens,” or at least not anymore, but one of the most nagging that still persists is wondering what might have happened had I kept drawing at that time (something that doesn’t bug me at all when I think about how I left off after high school). The Internet was growing more mainstream and receptive to independent artists, and if I’d kept with it instead of decisively sticking with the kind of weird fiction I’d chosen to explore, I might have gotten into webcomics a decade earlier and even made a name for myself when they were still something of an open frontier, instead of the fitful involvement I’ve had for the past few years.

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That said, I’ve more or less blocked off August to concentrate on finishing the webcomic story, hopefully by the end of the year (and lay the grounds for another), and it’s fun to look back and remember some of the events and personalities at my crappy first job in town (while on the one hand, they helped to obscure how miserable my life objectively was in many ways, there are still friendships and experiences I still cherish, even if just in memory). Hope you enjoy them.

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