“Pride Before the Fail” American Dad! S16E16

“I’m Roger”.

Roger tries to force Hayley into graduating from community college so he can move into her room. Klaus repairs Francine’s car.


Hayley is living the dream.  She never wants to graduate and stay a college student forever as she’s not ready for the real world.  But she’s only one credit away from that diploma and Stan has rented out his room to Roger, and something about family rules.   Also, Roger rented out his attic as a practice space for Rogu’s ska band.  “They’re terrible. How do you screw up ska?!?!”


Meanwhile in the garage, Francine has to return her leased car and needs it cleaned up and a dent fixed.  Klaus, oil boy, is on the job.


Hayley gets advice from her class councilor who advises her to keep failing that last class over and over.  Easy peasy,  right?  Of course Roger intervenes as  Lacy Crinklehoel because he needs Haley’s room.


Hayley’s efforts to fail class are thwarted by Roger, er Lacy, at every turn.  Even the Slam Poetry assignment gets the Roger treatment


Hayley seems to be resigned to accept that Lacy will win.  So she gets Roger, er Lacy, to attend a last hurrah on campus.


Lacy get very drunk and next day earns an F+ , thus ensuring Hayley will fail.  “The seven dicks parts was engaging though”.


It’s a fools errand to think that you’ve beaten Roger.  He ups his game by playing the ultimate card as Lacy jumps from the clock tower.  In accordance with GROFF Community College bylaws, the partner of any student who commits suicide is awarded an automatic A.

So now Hayley and Jeff have to find an apartment elsewhere and Roger is quick to get that room.  The family celebrates Haley’s impending graduation.  But never count Hayley out.  At her commencement address, Haley plays her cards.  She goes on a rant about how lame and pathetic Lacy was.  “She’s as dead as she was boring”. This riles up Roger and he can’t take it and brings Lacy back Pirates of Penzance style.


“Lacy Krinklehoel alive?  Change the transcripts! Hayley Smith fails!”  Hayley actually beats Roger!  “Game respects game”.

Meanwhile back in the garage, Klaus finally gets Francine’s car ready for return.  8-ball gear shifter, extra long antenna, and a nitrous hookup.  Bad ass!



These modifications do not affect the turn in value, but Francine gets charged for the dent Klaus didn’t actually fix in the first place

This was a fun episode.  Hayley vs Roger really worked.  Seeing Hayley in college was new and fun.  The B plot was good as well with a funny punch line at the end.  “Oh, did you goldfish not do a good enough job fixing your car?”    My only gripe is that when you mention Rogu being in a Ska band, you need to show Rogu in that Ska band.

Grade B+