Weekly Who #2 is a companion piece

Since the Beginning Doctor Who has always had someone by their side. This character (usually a young human woman) has usually filled the role of sidekick and confidant to the main character as well as being an audience surrogate to the folx at home. With over 100 companions across the whole franchise (and about 69 on tv) I want to highlight some of my personal favorites, ones I think have flown under the radar, and some I just find lovably odd.

  1. Dorothy “Ace” Gale McShane: The final tv companion of the Classic Era Ace is a badass who prefers to lob homemade explosives at the enemy rather than scream at them. As one of the longest-tenured companions, Ace got a lot of character development over the years. Some of this development was good (Big Finish Monthlies) some of it was awful (New Ace from Virgin New Adventures.) Career Highlight: Taking a baseball bat to a Dalek in Remembrance Of The Daleks
  2. Lucie Miller: The Third Audio Companion of The Eighth Doctor Lucie is a temp who finds herself thrust quite suddenly into the Doctor’s TARDIS. Their relationship starts off hilariously acerbic as neither one of them wanted to be stuck traveling with the other and her snarky reactions to the weird situations she ends up in are wonderful. Career Highlight: Her final story Death In Blackpool is full of spoilers so I won’t divulge them here. But she does get several Big Damn Hero moments.
  3. Sharon Davies: The first companion of color in franchise history secondary school student Sharon started traveling with the Fourth Doctor after she confronted intergalactic conqueror Beep The Meep in Doctor Who Magazine’s Doctor Who And The Star Beast. She has a love of adventure and a thirst for danger. After her first run-in with the Daleks, she turned down Four’s offer to return her to Blackpool as she was having too much fun to stop now. After touring the stars with Four she became a news reporter in the future where she met the doctor again this time in their 12th incarnation. Career Highlight: Tricking mass murderer Dogbolter to confess to his crimes live on camera. Sharon Davies
  4. Sam Jones: The first companion for the Eighth Doctor Adventure Novels Sam is a 16-year-old student who joins Team TARDIS after the Doc helps her out of a jam involving school bullies and illegal drugs. A Gay Rights activist and an out Bisexual (I think the first Queer Companion in the Franchise.) Sam’s passion for social justice and righting any wrongs she sees. (She literally almost dies fighting Vampires in San Francisco.) Instantly endears her to Eight who finds their desires to keep Sam safe and help her realize her full potential come into conflict. Career Highlights: Not sure yet I just started the EDA’s. Sam Jones

Well, that’s my list. Feel free to tell me your favorite companions, or talk about whatever else from the Worlds Of Doctor Who you want to. See y’all in the comments