Guy Talk: Men and Sport

Welcome to Guy Talk, a serious space to discuss masculinity, good and bad. This week’s discussion will be on “sport”.

In 1984’s Revenge of the Nerds, the plot revolves around the conflict between athletic jocks and sedentary nerds. It was a ridiculous and misogynistic parody, but the idea that success in sport makes you a real man was slow to die.

What has changed since then? Gym culture and e-sports have grown in popularity, but there are also international differences – the huge amounts of money spent on U.S. college football is difficult to understand from a European perspective.

What is your attitude to sport? Do you use it to bond with male friends, or feel more confident in your masculinity? Please share what you think!

Remember that this is a trans-inclusive space, and that is OK to post things that are off-topic, as long as they are about masculinity.