Box Office: July 26-28

The latest results are in from the box office with what has drawn people to it. It’s no surprise that The Lion King took the top spot as it brought in $75 million to bring its domestic run up to $350 million. It’s had some very strong weekday sales and that’s helped immensely but also likely offset some of the expected weekend take. If you only look at weekend totals you can see why some are a bit disappointed by the number as the 60% drop is pretty high. The film continues to rake in money overseas where it added another $142 million to bring it to $611 million there and a worldwide total of $962 million.

The main new film this weekend was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and it did very well for Quentin Tarantino. It did $40 million and marked his biggest opening weekend, which was last with Inglorious Basterds back in 2009 where it did $38 million.

Once past that, things are pretty much sub-$5 million for most films as there’s not a lot to draw people out. Spider-Man: Far From Home did $12 million to bring it to $344 million domestic but it also helped it cross the $1 billion mark, the first for a Spidey film.

Toy Story 4 was just under $10 million and is at $395 million domestic and a worldwide at $917 million where it’s now the fourth-largest worldwide release for Pixar.

Next weekend has one film going wide with Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. And if you’re like me, this may be the first film you can try under Regal Unlimited as it looks like it’s going to launch this week. Being an original Moviepass member going back to 2011, I’m excited to finally start getting back to the theater again as Regal is the only game in my town.