The Weekend Politics Thread Politicses It Up

Here’s some stuff that’s been happening! In the UK, Vorbis Boris Johnson has been officially made Patrician Prime Minister, and that’s bad.

Boris Johnson To Be Next U.K. Prime Minister

“Finally, a leader who can deliver the economic and political chaos Brexit voters demanded.”


But actually, it’s unclear that he’s capable of delivering anything, with the EU and much of Britain opposed to his very existence.

In the US, Donald Trump continues to be terrible in every way, and somehow is finding new ways to be terrible all the time. [Citation: just, like, all of it.] Meanwhile, the Republican Party looks the other way on interference in US elections by a hostile foreign power, because it benefits them.

But here’s some good stuff: In Puerto Rico, which I will mention IS A PART OF THE UNITED STATES, massive strikes and protests have forced the intransigent governor to resign. HINT. HINT.

Puerto Rico protests: With governor gone, this is ‘just the beginning’

First there was Hurricane Maria, which struck Puerto Rico in September 2017 with a near-knockout blow.

Then this month came the political scandals, revealing a self-serving and aloof governing clique that in many ways had squandered the island’s post-Maria recovery effort. …

But when Governor Rosselló announced Wednesday, after two weeks of unrelenting street protests, that he will resign from office Aug. 2, it underscored that while the one-two punch of Maria and ineffective, arrogant governance may have knocked the people of Puerto Rico down, it has them anything but out.

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