I Wrote a Book!

After a year of work, An Armada of Cats: Travels in Israel is finally available in paperback form via Amazon and select retailers. This is my first published book and it’s already the #1 new release in Middle East travel.

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 12.04.50 PM.png

When Sam Aronow decided to move from the US to Israel, the only travel books he could find about it were more interested in religion or politics than an actual place. Naturally, he would have to write his own. The result is an eclectic and irreverent journey to almost every corner of his adopted homeland, from major cities to forgotten wildernesses, from battlefields to blizzards, and from ancient artifacts to the annoyances of modern life.

Part of my journey followed in the footsteps of my first visit to Israel in 2011, part of it in the footsteps of my grandmother, but mostly it was an entirely new experience that offered a ton of surprises. I started by going north from Tel Aviv in the summer of 2018, and then traveled south in the winter of 2019. In the process, I visited the northernmost and southernmost cities in the country, every provincial capital, every county, at least nine national parks, and a wide variety of other points of interest.

The cover art is by Hadar Chen, who also drew the maps in the book, and whose other work can be found here.

Some of you have already read bits and pieces of my work while I wrote it; you can find a sample chapter here (though the final version has a number of small changes). Some of you have already ordered a copy or will be receiving one as thanks for your support; for those who are still interested, the Amazon link is here. A positive review there or on Goodreads (if you know how to use Goodreads) would go a long way toward sustaining the book’s future success, though obviously I would not encourage anyone to post a review unless they have read the book. You can even request your local independent bookstore to stock it; with enough success I could visit your town!

The comments are thus open to questions and general discussion. I’ll be happy to answer anything about writing the book, traveling for the book, and so forth.