Spoil Sports / Retrospective:Orange is the New Black

The final season of OINTB drops on July 26.  Emily Todd VanDerWerff has written this piece  about it’s importance: It’s  one of the first major steaming shows, it has  ambitions and imperfections.

To paraphrase Emily, the show often seems like a way for  well – meaning white people who are watching it to learn “The Way it Is.”  But it dared to place less focus on the main protagonist from Season 1 and go deeper into lives of the women of color and the LBGBTQ characters in the show – who often had much more deeply affecting stories – even if meshing so many storylines together didn’t always go well.

It gave us Samira Wiley, Danielle Brooks, LaVerne Cox,  Uzo Aduba, more Natasha Lyonne and Kate Mulgrew – to name only a few of the great actors on the show.  It showed us each person has a story.  It gave us Admiral Rodcocker and The Time Hump Chronicles,  a mysterious chicken, and that eggplant joke, which I never want to hear the set-up to.

Here is a space to discuss the first 6 seasons,  before the final season airs and begin discussions of Season 7 when it drops.

“Spoil Sports” means spoilers for all seasons including the final one. Proceed at your own risk!