Artist Spotlight/Interview : Brother Selected

Some fun summer hip hop you say? Try this:

Brother Selected are a four piece Rap group from Spain with rock tinged, flowing sound that is a first class experience live, and sounds just as good on their new LP ‘Caos’.

I got to speak with them about their song, their shows and the substance of their sound.*

Avocado – So, how did you guys meet and get started?

Seven «Initially, the group was just Runs and myself, we’ve been friends since kindergarten and one drunken summer night Run suggested forming a group. Some tequilas later, I agreed

We, started writing songs and uploading them to youtube. Our first live shows followed with the release of ‘Area’ in 2012.

In late 2016  Diro Brarec experimented with us and we found a musical affinity, he became our DJ.

Avocado– What would you say is the message of ‘Caos’?

Like all of my songs, it’s based on sentimental situations. Caos is about this season of my life and the main definition of my mindstate is that- Chaos. Lots of indecision, happiness, sadness, anger, anguish, love, etc…..All of that resulted I 11 songs and 3 poems under the title ‘Caos’


Avocado- Which of your contemporaries would you recommend to The Avocado?

The four of us have distinct but open minded tastes,  we usually share the music that everyone listens to and appreciate it in the same way. That said, I think it is better for everyone to answer themselves with their recommendations:

Seven- I’ve been hooked for years on the Asturian punk-rock group ‘Desakato’

Diro Brarec- I listen to a lot of Latin-American rap like ‘Akapellah‘ or  ‘Apache

I like a lot of dance music like Axwell, Alesso, etc…

Danni Garcia – Off the top of my head, I’d say Red Hot Chili Peppers

Runs- El Canijo de Jerez’ is always on my playlist


Foto Brother Selected 3.jpg

Avocado- If you could tour or record with anyone, who would you pick?

Seven- Ha, another one we better answer individually. I have so many artists I’d love to work with that we have a musical affinity with. If I had to pick a small selection I’d say ‘Piezas’, Nach, Baghira Satiuve….I’ll leave it there but there’s lots.

 Diro Brarec – I’d love a tour with Ayax Y Prok, or Kaze

Danni Garcia- Touring with Extremoduro or Desakato please.

Runs – A tour with El Canijo de Jerez or SFDK would rock.

Foto Brother Selected 6.jpg


Avocado- What do you have planned for touring and further releases?

Seven- At the moment, we’re just ending touring ‘Caos’ and getting our final videos on to youtube and other digital platforms. We’ll be moving to get our next song and shows up and running very soon though.

*all errors in translation are entirely mine.

Intagram – @brotherselected, @seven.brotherselected, @runs05, @itsdirobrarec, @dannirocket17