The Inaguaral Weekly Doctor Who Thread Celebrates Big Finish

Welcome, Whovians one and all to hopefully the first in a weekly thread devoted to everyone’s favorite 50+-year-old Science Fiction Franchise Doctor Who! This week’s main topic is on the Audio Drama production company Big Finish who for 20 years now has been making Audio Adventures set in the Doctor Who Universe. They’ve since acquired the license for other franchises like Blake’s 7, Dark Shadows, and even Star Trek. If you like a side character from the franchise chances are they at least show up in one audio (If not given a whole spinoff series to themselves) Some examples include

  1. Jago & Litefoot
  2. U.N.I.T
  3. Torchwood
  4. Class
  5. The Diary Of River Song
  6. Bernice Summerfield (Their first series (predating the license to the Doctor Proper) and longest-running)

To wrap up my writeup here is a list of some of my favorite Big Finish Audios

  1. Master: Starring Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor and Geoffrey Beevers as The Master this one-room drama is intense and provides major details into the origins of the enmity between the two characters
  2. I, Davros: This spinoff miniseries focused on Davros does the nearly impossible. Provide a detailed and elaborate backstory for a terrifying villain without taking away from the villain’s menace. (It is also a great riff on the masterful I, Claudius)
  3. The Chimes Of Midnight: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Mrs. Baddeley’s plum pudding!
  4. Holy Terror: The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and Frobisher The Penguin (Robert Jezek) find themselves in the middle of some drama over the crowning of a new King
  5. The Panda Invasion: Groovy Time Lady Iris Wildthyme (Katy Manning) accidentally pours some gin into the engine of her TARDIS (a no. 22 bus to Putney Common that is also smaller on the Inside) This opens up a rift in space-time where an alternate version of her companion Panda (David Benson) pops out

As a heads up all the audios I listed here (and tons more) are all up on Spotify for free right now.

Also, feel free to talk about whatever Doctor Who topic tickles your fancy.