Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Jul. 23

Please welcome today’s contestants:

– John, a financial trader from Illinois, knows why you should stand in the corner if you’re cold;
– Peggy, a publisher from Washington, D.C. runs an online forum about neighborhood issues; and
– Jason, a math teacher from New Mexico, brought his stuffed manatee to class. Jason is a two-day champ with winnings of $45,200.

Jason opened the game by running a literature category and led at every break. John had a chance to complete an amazing last-to-first rally on DD3, but didn’t bet enough to take the lead, so he settled for second going into FJ with $15,000 vs. $18,600 for Jason and $12,400 for Peggy.

DD1, $1,000 – COMPANY ADS & SLOGANS – This bank was “Established 1852. Re-established 2018” (Peggy won $2,000 from her score of $3,200.)

DD2, $2,000 – STATE OF THE ART (the state where the art is located) – The Crazy Horse Memorial (Jason won $2,000 from his leading total of $9,800.)

DD3, $800 – THE 40-YEAR-OLD GERMAN – After the 1994 election, she became Germany’s Minister of Environment, Conservation & Reactor Safety, but a promotion awaited (John won $4,000 from his score of $11,000 vs. $17,000 for Jason. Going all-in to nail down first place going into FJ was the way to go here.)

FJ – TOYS & GAMES – The prototype for this game that was introduced in 1948 was called Lexiko

Everyone was correct on FJ, so John’s timid wager on DD3 cost him the game. Jason added $11,500 to win with $30,100 for a three-day total of $75,300.

Triple Stumper of the day: No one knew the legendary lost city where one might “pick up some gold” is El Dorado.

Shameless shilling: Please refer to DD1.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is Wells Fargo?
DD2 – What is South Dakota?
DD3 – Who is Merkel?
FJ – What is Scrabble?