Comic Book Review – Symbiote Spider-Man #2 (of 5)

Symbiote Spider-Man #2 (of 5)

Peter David – Writer

Greg Land – Artist

On a closed movie set, an errant punch by a stunt man named Alan Jennings breaks the nose of the film’s lead actor. This accident causes production to be shut down and Jennings to be fired. As he goes to clear out his trailer, Mysterio appears and offers Jennings money to fight Spider-Man. Mysterio uses Jennings’ past of being called a freak by his classmates (Jennings is revealed to be a mutant with impenetrable skin and enhanced speed and strength) as motivation to take on the ‘bully’ Spider-Man.

Spider-Man swings around the city when he sees a puff of green smoke on top of a building and determines its Mysterio. Spider-Man wants to apologize to Mysterio after their latest scuffle. As Spider-Man approaches Mysterio, the villain disappears. Mysterio taunts Spider-Man by teleporting around the rooftop. As Spider-Man leaps toward Mysterio, he disappears, and Spider-Man is met with a punch to the face by Jennings, newly christened with the codename Hardrock.

Spider-Man gets pummeled repeatedly by Hardrock as Mysterio watches the fight safely elsewhere. A defeated Spider-Man lies helpless on the ground and Hardrock pulls a gun to finish off the hero. Spider-Man’s costume comes to life and wraps itself around Hardrock’s hand. It continues up the villain’s body and enters Jennings’ mouth. The costume explodes from within Jennings’ body killing him off panel with a SPLAAAT! Mysterio witnesses this and tosses his cookies inside his helmet. A knock on the door of the room where Mysterio was watching the fight causes the villain to teleport away, just as the Kingpin punches the door off to the room. The Kingpin sees one of his henchmen tied to a chair and wonders aloud who was using his room without permission.

As Mysterio tries to calm himself down after what he saw transpire, his friend Johnny catches him on the rooftop of the Kingpin’s building. When Johnny tells Quentin, he must report this to Fisk, Quentin tells Johnny he has seen something that could provide the Kingpin with incredible power if only it can be captured. Johnny’s interest is piqued and wants Quentin to tell him everything he knows.

After years of getting soundly trounced by Spider-Man on numerous occasions, Mysterio is doing whatever it takes to defeat the Web Head. Mysterio’s desperation for victory might cost him dearly if he isn’t careful. Let us take a moment to remember Hardrock, we hardly knew ye. As I think of the scene of the symbiote consuming Jennings it makes me wonder: was the alien costume protecting Peter from being killed or was it protecting itself from being harmed by Jennings? This may be the first time we see the symbiote partake in a violent act, but we know it won’t be its last.

Next Issue: From comic titans, Peter David and Greg Land, comes the third installment of an all-new Spider-Man tale set during the original ALIEN COSTUME SAGA! After glimpsing the strange abilities of Spider-Man’s bizarre black suit, Mysterio is determined to uncover the secrets of the enigmatic ensemble – secrets Peter Parker hasn’t even realized! Uncovering a shameful secret from Black Cat’s past, Mysterio may have found the blackmail necessary to get close to the suit, and in doing so, will set Felicia down a path where any misstep could result in her losing Peter forever!