Sports Corner – July 17, 2019

Heartwarming stories don’t usually do much for me.  But I find it easy to be moved by the way the Angels came back home after the All Star break and after the untimely death of Tyler Skaggs.  Paying tribute to Skaggs by all wearing his name and numbers, the Angels proceeded to win a 13-0 combined no-hitter.  A name of mourning and memory became a night of catharsis and history.  For a little while, things were better.


  • Was that the greatest tennis match of all time Sunday?  Maybe.
  • Was that the greatest cricket match of all time Sunday?  Maybe, but I will leave it to The Jung Pope to let us know all about that.
  • Was that the greatest Las Vegas Summer League final of all time?  I doubt such a thing even exists.
  • Was that a weird trade between Houston and OKC?  Yep.
  • Are football training camps opening soon?  Yep.

As always, all sports topics welcome.