Sunday Food Thread 7/14

A grocery store not too near us has what I call their “use it or lose it” rack in the produce section where they bundle up all kinds of fruits & veggies into $1.50 packages. We’ve gotten 3 pounds of jalapenos for $1.50 there in the past (header is some of them being roasted over the charcoal chimney), and the like but then it’s a challenge to use it up before the food spoils. Quick pickles are a go to when they have cukes, Onions are sometimes caramelized and stored in the fridge, fruits become cobblers or crumbles, etc. Last week we were near there and decided to play the produce roulette game and came out with five pounds of blood oranges for $3, I’ve been indulging on Blood orange sorbet all week and loving it. Anyone else do similar things, I suppose what we’re doing is similar to a CSA but we do have a selection or the option to buy nothing, but that never happens because my wife turns it into a challenge so she has to get something and make a meal or more out of it.