Best Pixar Character Tournament — Round 3

With Toy Story 4 now playing in theaters and making us all cry like babies, it feels like a good time to do this. I’ve never done a character tournament before, but I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while, but figured it would be best to wait until after the big Pixar film of the summer opened.

So here we are at Round 3. Once again, we saw an enormous body count, with many beloved characters biting the dust. And now, a fleeting tribute to them…

The Fallen: 

Mr. Pricklepants
Alfredo Linguini
Luxo Jr.
Evelyn Deavor/The Screenslaver
The Raccoon from Incredibles 2
Hank the Octopus
Princess Merida

The following characters did so well that they skipped Round 2:
James P. Sullivan
Edna Mode
Mike Wazowski
Mr. Potato Head
Buzz Lightyear

The following three characters barely missed out on being nominated. However, I did my math wrong, and need three more characters in order to make this even, so they’ve been granted a second chance:

Lightning McQueen
Henry J. Waternoose

Other fun stuff…

* It was the battle of the Pixar villains with Lotso Huggin’ Bear against The Screenslaver. In the end, you guys really like your evil teddy bears.

* Violet’s cynicism about the American justice system aside, there’s no way Evelyn will get a “slap on the wrist” when she nearly committed an act of massive terrorism which would’ve left several of the world’s most prominent figures either kidnapped or dead. She also framed that poor pizza guy for various other acts of terrorism which were only foiled thanks to her unwitting puppet on the matter Elastigirl. (As an aside, I love how Eveyln’s justification for the horrible thing she did to him is that “the pizza arrived cold”)

* The Raccoon from Incredibles 2 didn’t manage to beat Disgust, but I’m still kind of surprised he even made it this far.

* Amazingly, one of the most popular Pixar characters–the green aliens from Toy Story–never got so much as a nomination from anyone.

* Andy made it, but Bonnie didn’t, proving once and for all that Andy is the cooler kid.

* And speaking of Andy, is it a coincidence that the little boy in the Child’s Play remake shares his namesake?

As always, you will have at least 24 hours to vote.