To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E13: “Armageddon Game ”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

All screenshots come from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

Bashir updates the Chief Medical Officer’s Log to say that he and Chief O’Brien are on a T’Lani cruiser to help the T’Lani and the Kelleruns get rid of some evil things called Harvesters that he describes as “gene disruptors” which were used as biological weapons in a really long war.


The T’Lani wear brown clothing. It looks like a one-piece outfit with a belt sort of around the chest. They also have gloves, which have some fingers but not all. Is this because they have fewer fingers, or is it just a fashion? No idea.

I’ll come back to the hair.


Meanwhile, the Kelleruns wear all gray, with some sort of weird collar cutout in their overshirts revealing a gray undershirt. The only thing mildly interesting about the outfit is the black and gray checked pattern running vertically from the shoulders down.

I’ll come back to this hair, too.

Bashir is working with a Dr. Nydrom. They are talking about muon charges. Some women move some red tubes into a machine. Bashir informs the computer they are on test sequence 375. He says he’s frustrated by their lack of progress and he’s running out of ideas. One of the others tells him that it took years to perfect the Harvesters but they’ve only been trying to get rid of them for a week. Bashir says it feels longer.


Meanwhile, O’Brien is having a drink, and we get the opportunity to see what I assume is a planet behind him, which is far brighter and more interesting than the usual stars outside of DS9.

The T’Lani woman behind him gives me an opportunity to talk about the hair. The T’Lani hairstyle is a typical fanciful DS9-style updo, but instead of just being UP, it goes around the head as well. Either the outfit is a uniform or T’Lani have put literally all their creative energy into their hair, and none into their clothing. Hey, fashion design isn’t for everyone.

Apparently they’re trying to destroy the stuff by blasting it with muon radiation, but the stuff is resistant.


Even the men have updos, so I congratulate them on their equality of style.

They try the test, which involves some spinning lights, and then raising up the vial again. Bashir says to test the sample again, and Nydrom says he’s not reading any genetic disruption. Bashir makes him check it again, and he says the results are identical. It seems like it worked. Bashir is speechless. Then they all congratulate each other.

But what about the Kellerun hairstyle, you are wondering. Well, never fear, Ambassador Sharat is here!

Ambassador Sharat comes in, and Nydrom gives him the good news. Sharat says good job and makes a speech about how he knew they could do it if they worked together. Nydrom also calls out Bashir and O’Brien and they thank them for their help.

Sharat says that they need to get rid of the scientific files about the Harvesters as well. O’Brien says he’s purged the related files from both cultures’ databases. Nydrom seems pleased.

Sharat says they shouldn’t celebrate until everything has been destroyed. Bashir says they’ll start immediately. The camera pans out and we see that there are a lot of them on a shelf nearby.


Sharat turns to look at the containers of Harvester weapons, and we get a great view of his hair. Unlike the T’Lani, who go for the wide, circling the head look, the Kellerun go for vertical. If I had to guess (and I’m not a hair expert!), I’d say that this look was created by wrapping the hair around a cylinder roughly the size of a paper towel holder, and then pinning it in place like that.

Back at DS9, Kira tells Sisko that Bashir is calling, so Sisko takes the call in his office. Bashir is ready to report the news of their success, but Sisko has already heard. He says he got a message from the ambassadors, and congratulates them.


It’s a private conversation, so it’s on a tiny screen.

O’Brien says thanks, but it’s really all Bashir’s doing. Bashir tries to be generous and share the credit, but O’Brien says he came up with the idea to use muon rays. Sisko asks when they’ll be back. There’s a celebration that night, but Chief wants to get home. Sisko and Bashir both say they can spare him another day and it’ll be fine. O’Brien agrees. So they’ll be back the day after tomorrow.

Sisko tells them to enjoy themselves.

Back at the science lab, Nydrom presents Bashir with the last cylinder to be destroyed. He comments on the interesting coincidence of this last destruction happening above a planet, T’Lani III, whose population was decimated in the war, and hopes it’ll be a lasting peace.

No sooner has he finished speaking than the doors open and some guys with guns come in.


Sorry, I just have to pause here and look closely at the T’Lani hairstyle in this photo that we are fortunate enough to get a view of from behind. At first glance, it looks like it was created similarly to the way I imagine the Kellerun hairstyle was made – an insert of some sort was wrapped around the head in the right shape, then the hair wrapped around that and pinned in place. BUT, look at the hair that’s not wrapped in that shape, the hair on top of her head. It looks like it’s woven.

So either a) this actress, who has no lines, sat in a hairdresser’s chair for AGES to have her hair braided and weaved and folded or b) (which I begin to think is more likely), this is a wig. Maybe DS9 isn’t paying an army of hairdressers millions to create these updos? I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!

Nydrom tells the guys that weapons aren’t allowed. They just start shooting. Nydrom is hit; the rest of them hide behind furniture or try to run away, and some more people are hit.

RIP Updo

Bashir starts to sneak around and then one of the shooters sees him and is about to fire, but O’Brien pushes him out of the way and grabs his gun. The other shooter starts to fire on O’Brien, but he ducks out of the way and shoots back, and then Bashir tackles the shooter. They struggle and in the fight, the weapon goes off and hits the science thing where they were destroying the Harvesters.

always share explosion photos

A small drop of liquid lands on O’Brien’s arm.

(I’m sure this is not at all significant to the plot)

Bashir wins the struggle, but the science thing is smoking and everyone else in the room is dead.

RIP science people

We can see here that the Kellerun wore knee-high boots, and I approve of the look. Based on the one T’Lani whose legs are visible here, I can’t tell if they’re wearing a long dress/tunic outfit, or just wide knee-length pants. I’m leaning toward long tunic thing.

O’Brien says they need to leave, and tries to communicate with the Ganges to beam them back. It doesn’t go through though, and Bashir realizes communications are jammed. They hear more shooting in the hall outside the room.

O’Brien goes to a computer and programs it to beam them to the surface and then overload 30 seconds afterward, so they can’t be followed. They beam out.

At Quark’s, we briefly see a female Starfleet officer speaking with an alien who is truly alien, and wearing a teal type outfit with what looks like paisley sleeves and maybe a gold belt. I don’t know who this is but I want to see more.


Sisko is in the middle of ordering something when Kira calls and tells him that the T’Lani and Kellerun ambassadors have just arrived and want to see him. Sisko asks if O’Brien and Bashir are with them, and she says no, and they won’t talk to anyone but Sisko. He cancels his order and goes back to his office.

Sisko is appalled to learn that his officers are dead, as well as many of the T’Lani and Kellerun’s great scientists. He wants to know what’s happened.


The Kellerun ambassador, Sharat, looks the same as we saw him in the science room. The T’Lani ambassador looks like she’s wearing a ribbed sweater. It’s in the same brown color as the rest of the T’Lani scientists who are now dead, but the outfit is a different material. So maybe the other outfit was a uniform, sort of similar to a lab coat, and non-scientists wear sweaters?

They say that it was an accident and O’Brien inadvertently tripped a security device. This sent out a lethal burst of radiation and everyone died. Thankfully, Ambassador Sharat transported off the ship just minutes before the accident happened.

Sisko is confused and asked about the security device, and the woman says that it was built into the computers decades ago and they didn’t know it existed. Sisko asks how do they know O’Brien caused the accident if there were no survivors.

Sharat says that he returned after the accident and checked internal security sensors, which recorded everything. He gives Sisko a thing with the video on it.

Both ambassadors stress that they don’t blame O’Brien for what happened, and that he and Bashir will always be considered heroes to both cultures for helping destroy the Harvesters.

Sisko says he’ll extend their sympathies to the families. Then the ambassadors leave.


On the planet’s surface, the not-dead Bashir and O’Brien move into a building that looks like it’s in the middle of the desert. It’s kind of rounded.


Bashir moves through it carefully with his weapon, looking for people. Seeing nothing, he whispers for Chief to follow him.

Then he sees a box on the floor that he thinks has food and medical supplies. O’Brien runs in and tells him to stop, as the box could be booby-trapped. He scans it, saying that Cardassians used to rig their supplies left behind with pressure grenades. He doesn’t find anything here, though.

Bashir opens the box and finds plenty of rations.


He passes some to O’Brien, but he declines, saying he doesn’t want any more T’Lani food. Bashir starts to put some of the rations into a portable container. He says that they need to warn the T’Lani that the Kelleruns have broken the treating.

O’Brien says he’s still confused. Why would the Kelleruns wait for the Harvesters to be destroyed? Bashir suggests they didn’t hand over all their Harvesters. O’Brien wonders if they think they can defeat the T’Lani without them.

Bashir says this would continue the war for another century. He also thinks they should keep moving. O’Brien says that the Kelleruns will expect them to move, and their sensors will pick them up, but they should stay still. He thinks they need to stay alive long enough for Sisko to find them. Bashir points out Sisko thinks they’re celebrating and won’t notice them gone for another day.

O’Brien says it’s their only chance, but not a good one.

He moves into another room and they find what he thinks is a comm system. He decides to open up the machine and see if he can get it working.

Bashir offers to help, saying he took extension courses at Starfleet Medical. O’Brien says if he wants to help he should let O’Brien do his job. Bashir says he’ll inventory supplies.


Sisko watches the video of O’Brien and Bashir’s supposed last moments, along with Dax, Kira, and Odo.


Kira and Dax look like you’d expect someone to look when watching a video of someone’s last moments – like they’re both eager to see and afraid of what they’re about to see. Odo is more stoic, as expected.

They put the cylinder into the machine thingie, just as happened, and then Nydrom says the Harvesters are destroyed. Then, Ambassador Sharat says that they need to make sure all records are destroyed as well, and O’Brien says that he’s purged all the files in both data banks.

Something starts beeping, and O’Brien says that closing the last file has activated some kind of security program. It was part of the original operating system. Nydrom says he knows nothing about it and suggests cutting the power. O’Brien says it’s not responding. Suddenly, there is a flash of light and then everyone has vanished.

Odo says he’s heard of security weapons like this – a radiation pulse that vaporizes intruders who don’t enter the proper code. Kira is surprised Chief didn’t detect it, but Dax says it must have been buried deep in the system.

Kira and Odo both say they’d like to talk to the security officer on the ship. Sisko points out that they lost people as well. Kira says that the T’Lani were responsible for O’Brien and Bashir’s safety and should have known about the device.

Sisko basically shuts her down, calmly and authoritatively. He then asks her to contact Bajor and ask if they can temporarily send a doctor until Starfleet can send a replacement for Bashir. He asks Dax to inform Starfleet and request the new personnel.

She asks if he wants her to join him while he goes to talk to Mrs. O’Brien, but he declines, and asks her to find out how to contact Bashir’s family.

He then tells Kira to tell everyone else that they’ll hold a memorial service the next day at 1800 hours. He then says that the next few days will be hard, but they all have jobs to do, and dismisses them.

Back on the planet, Bashir asks O’Brien how it’s going and he says he’d like him to stop asking that. Bashir says he’s frustrated by all the standing around as he doesn’t have anything to do but keep watch.

O’Brien says the machine is a mess. Bashir expresses confidence. He was looking forward to the celebrations, as the T’Lani women are quite beautiful. O’Brien says that just because he’s married doesn’t mean he’s blind, or that you stop looking at women.

Bashir says you just can’t let your wife see you looking. He thinks the party would have been an adventure for him, while O’Brien would just get a meal. O’Brien says Bashir only thinks about women. Bashir says no! But he does think about them a lot.

O’Brien says one day he’ll fall in love. Bashir says he did once. He doesn’t seem interested in talking about it further. He also says he doesn’t think marriage is fair when he’s out in danger so much. He apologizes to O’Brien but says a lot of career officers feel that way.

O’Brien says they don’t know what they’re missing. Bashir says he looks at Chief and his wife and… O’Brien demands that he finish his sentence. Bashir declines. Finally he admits that being on DS9 hasn’t been conducive to their marriage, and that’s no secret.

All is quiet for a few moments. O’Brien stops working and gets a blanket from the other room, which alarms Bashir. O’Brien says he’s cold. Bashir says it’s actually rather warm. Also O’Brien looks pale.


I actually thought he was going to say he was hot, because it looked like he was sweating. His forehead looked damp and his hair also.

Bashir takes out his tricorder and sees that he has low blood pressure and a fever. O’Brien doesn’t want to sit down. Bashir makes him roll up his sleeve and they see that he has a funky scar thing on his arm.

nope, not a tattoo

Bashir realizes that O’Brien was behind the genetic bath when it exploded. O’Brien demands the truth, and Bashir says he’s been infected by the Harvesters.

Back on DS9, Mrs. O’Brien is doing something with plants when Sisko rings the bell.


She’s wearing a reddish-orange shirt and an apron, because I guess she’d get water or plant stuff on her shirt if she didn’t, and she’s working on some cheerful yellow plants. Not at all expecting tragic news.

She’s pleased to see him, but he is very serious and grave, and she knows immediately when she sees his face that something’s happened to her husband.

Sisko tells her the news, and Keiko asks what happened, so Sisko tells her. She says she wants to see it and so he agrees, and says that O’Brien was a good man and a good officer and he’ll miss him. Keiko thanks him and says she’d like to be alone. He says if she needs anything to let him know.

Back on T’Lani III, O’Brien is trying to work but his eyes are fuzzy. Bashir tells him to have a seat and he’ll talk him through it. O’Brien surprisingly agrees.

It starts off horribly, as Bashir doesn’t know what O’Brien is saying to do, but then he sees the part he’s talking about.

At Quark’s Dax remembers she has Julian’s medical school diaries. Kira is surprised that he let her read them. She says that he thought it would help her to understand him better.

Kira assumes they’re about all the women he dated, but Dax says no, he said they were about his innermost thoughts, struggle to graduate, dream of having a career in Starfleet, and fear of failure. Kira asks if she understood him better afterwards.

Dax said she never read them. She thinks she ought to send them to his parents. Kira suggests she keep them, and that he’d want her to have them.

Quark comes by and gives them some glasses, saying they’re on the house. He proposes a toast to the memory of O’Brien and Bashir. Dax says this is thoughtful. Kira is skeptical.


Quark is wearing his dark green upholstery jacket, which I suppose is appropriately somber.

Quark makes a toast and says the highest tribute he can think of – they were good customers and paid their bar bills on time. He remembers the 57th Rule of Acquisition: “Good customers are as rare as latinum: Treasure them.” Then he raises his glass and drinks.

The ladies are less than overwhelmed, but have their own drinks.

In Ops, Mrs. O’Brien comes in and says that she needs to see Sisko. Kira says she’ll tell him and that she wants to say how sorry she is.


Keiko has a darker but still reddish shirt on, and a vest she’s worn before. It looks good on her.

In Sisko’s office, they watch the security video. Keiko tells them to stop at a certain point. They see the chief drinking coffee at 15:28. She says that he never drinks coffee in the afternoon.

The others suggest maybe he was drinking coffee because he was working long hours and stressed, but she says no. Kira wonders if he was drinking tea. No, Kira says she looked at the data clip and it was coffee.

Sisko asks if she’s suggesting the video was tampered with. She says yes. He asks Dax when she was going to bring back the Ganges from T’Lani III. Tomorrow. He suggests she go now, and says he’ll join them.

He then tells Keiko that if the recording was altered, he’ll find out why.

Back on the planet, Bashir says that the contacts are corroded, as O’Brien predicted. Bashir finds some sterile pads to clean them. Chief is falling asleep, so Bashir says he still needs him. O’Brien says he’s not leaving.

He asks Bashir about the woman he almost loved. Palis Delon. She was a ballerina with exquisite feet. Dancers must have good arches. She was gorgeous and brilliant. They were crazy about each other. He thought he’d found the perfect woman.

He’s cleaned the contacts on the processor and shows it to O’Brien, who approves. He puts it back into the comm machine they’ve been working on. Lights come on, so they have power. It’s blinking. He pushes some buttons, and says there’s no response from the transmitter.

O’Brien suggests he do something with the R-F oscillators, so Bashir goes to another part of the machine and pushes more buttons.

O’Brien asks more about Palis Delon. Bashir says he graduated. Her father was the top administrator at a medical complex in Paris and offered Bashir a job, promising he’d be chief of surgery in 5 years. But Bashir wanted to join Starfleet. So he left.

The oscillator is working but the frequency is fluctuating. O’Brien wants to look but he cries out in pain. Bashir goes to see what’s wrong and he says he can’t feel his legs.


Dax and Sisko arrive in synchronous orbit next to the Ganges, above T’Lani III. Sisko tells her to call the cruiser.

The T’Lani ambassador greets him and assumes he’s there for the runabout. She says they’re about to go to the memorial service on T’Lani prime, and he can join them if he wants. Sisko says maybe, but first he wants to see where the accident took place.

She agrees. Dax says while he’s there, she’ll beam to the Ganges and take a look around.

On the planet, Bashir is pushing buttons. Finally, a light comes on and he says it’s working, though the signal is faint. O’Brien gives him some instruction about how to make it stronger. Bashir says he’s sending a distress signal, repeating every 2 minutes, and he hopes the T’Lani read it before the Kelleruns do.

Speech slurred, O’Brien agrees.


O’Brien looks really terrible.

Bashir promises to return him home. O’Brien says he’s dying, and tries to give Bashir a message for his family. Bashir refuses, saying he can take it himself.

O’Brien tells him he’s wrong about marriage, that it’s the greatest adventure of them all, filled with setbacks and pitfalls and mistakes, but it’s worth taking because you take it together. He knows Keiko is unhappy and they argue, but it’s okay because they both know they love each other and that’s all that matters.

Bashir tells him to rest. He thinks the T’Lani will be there soon.

Sisko scans the science room where the Harvesters were being destroyed. He says there are residual traces of the radiation pulse. The ambassador says it’s to be expected but there’s no danger.

He asks if they’ve learned anything else about the device that caused the accident? Not yet, but they’re working on it. Sharat brought them the data clip? Yes. He showed it to her immediately? Yes.

Could it have been altered? Why would he alter it? Sisko says he doesn’t know.

Dax calls Sisko and asks if he can join her on the Ganges when he’s through. He says he’ll be there a few more minutes, then he’ll come over.

The ambassador says that they’ve made peace, and it won’t survive unless they trust each other.

Sisko beams to the Ganges and Dax says that someone erased 5 seconds from the computer log on the runabout. She thought it was a power fluctuation, but it sounds like there was a remote transport command, which was then erased from the log. She shows him the time stamp at 15:34, supposedly 3 minutes after the accident occurred.

Which means if either of them made the request, they were alive after the device went off.

On the planet, Chief is coughing. Bashir hurries to give him medicine.

Chief asks if he’s talked to the ballerina. Bashir says no. Chief says he should. He says maybe one day.

Bashir hears footsteps outside. He grabs his weapon and moves toward the door.

The T’Lani ambassador (who he names as E’Tyshra) is there. Bashir explains what has happened, that all the scientists are dead, the Kelleruns attacked, and O’Brien is infected with the Harvesters.

Sharat comes in then and it’s quickly obvious they’re working together. Bashir is confused.

E’Tyshra says they killed the scientists so the peace agreement would last. Bashir says they’d destroyed the Harvesters so there was no reason for more killings…

Sharat says they need to make sure no one can recreate the Harvesters, and E’Tyshra says they need to eliminate everyone with the knowledge, including Bashir and O’Brien. Bashir says they have no use for such horrible weapons. Sharat says that if the knowledge exists, it could be used. E’Tyshra says their deaths will be for a noble cause.

Weapons are pointed.

They’re about to fire and then O’Brien says “wait.” The ambassador says he can talk, so he insists Bashir help him stand, saying he’d like to die on his feet.

Bashir apologizes for not getting them home. O’Brien says it’s okay and it’s been an honor serving with him. Bashir says thanks.


They are beamed out, leaving the T’Lani and Kellerun confused.

Sisko helps Bashir to help O’Brien to a seat, and Bashir explains the infection and that they need to get O’Brien to the station or he’ll be dead in an hour. He gives him a hypospray he says will stabilize him.

Dax says they were told he was dead. Bashir explains that they’re trying to kill them and would have succeeded if they hadn’t beamed them out.

The T’Lani cruiser hails them. Sisko says to ignore it, and send a general distress signal on all Federation subspace frequencies. Subspace communication is blocked, though. Also short-range sensors.

Sisko gets an idea, realizing their sensors are also useless.

They fly away.

On the cruiser, a lackey tells E’Tyshra that Sisko is trying to escape and they’re pursuing. The ambassadors say the runabout is no match for the ship and to fire a warning shot.


The lackey is jealously looking at E’Tyshra’s brown sweater, wishing he could look so sexy. It’s actually a short sleeved sweater over a long-sleeved shirt, not that you can clearly tell.

Then they get a hail from Sisko. He says they’ve committed an act of war against the Federation.

E’Tyshra says they have no quarrel with the Federation, but want Bashir and O’Brien turned over. He asks if this is so they can murder them? Sharat says they can’t have the information about the Harvesters.

Sisko says they have no intention of using the information. Sharat says that’s irrelevant. The threat remains if the knowledge exists. E’Tyshra says it’s not easy but it’s necessary, and they can destroy the runabout.

He says that he and Dax have no knowledge – why must they die? The ambassadors say that’s regrettable but basically they’re okay with it. They give an ultimatum of one minute.

Sisko says they’ll have to take them all.

Then lackey reports that he’s turning around and heading toward them, so E’Tyshra orders full stop. Sisko is preparing to fire. She orders shields and asks for the runabout on screen.

Sharat says the phasers can’t hurt them. Sisko fires and there are minor shakes. The lackey says that Sisko is aiming the vessel right for them. Sharat thinks he’s crazy.

E’Tyshra orders them to fire phasers, so they do, and the runabout is destroyed.

always. share. explosions. Always.

It’s over. She orders them to go back to T’Lani III and take the other runabout in tow.

The lackey moves to do that, then says that sensors show the other runabout is no longer in orbit. The ambassadors are surprised. Where is it? He doesn’t know.

Then he sees a warp signature. E’Tyshra realizes that they weren’t on the runabout that was destroyed, they beamed over and piloted the first ship remotely while the T’Lani sensors were down.


Back on DS9, O’Brien is in sick bay, looking at a mug that Molly painted for him.


Not bad for a little kid. I can actually tell what they’re supposed to be.

Bashir comes in and says O’Brien can leave tomorrow. He says he wants to let O’Brien know he appreciates what he said on T’Lani III: that it was an honor serving with him. O’Brien doesn’t remember that.

Bashir says it’s also been honor serving with him, also. He starts to wax poetic on how surviving danger creates a bond, but O’Brien gives him a look and he gets the hint and leaves.

Keiko says that Bashir saved his life. O’Brien says Bashir will never let him forget it. She asks what it was like spending all that time alone with Bashir. He says it was hell, as he never stops talking. He then holds up the mug and says he could go for a coffee. She says he never has coffee in the afternoon. He says sure he does, and she is shocked.


Stray Thoughts

* The O’Brien & Bashir Bonding continues. 🙂

* There has to be some sort of fallout from the decision to basically kill two Starfleet officers, right? I mean diplomatically, even if the T’Lani and Kellerun aren’t actually part of the Federation, this is basically a clear act of war. And now that they’ve got rid of their supposedly most deadly weapon, what guarantee do they have that they’d stand a chance against the Federation? This just seems like a dumb idea.

* Also, while I’m sure Bashir knows how to create a Harvester, O’Brien, not being a medical person, would have less of an idea. Even supposing that some evildoer captured them and forced them to explain how to make a Harvester, it still seems like O’Brien wouldn’t be a lot of help. Did they kill everyone on board the ship, or just the scientists in the room? Like, did they also kill the janitor who came in and swept after they’d all gone to bed?

* It’s kind of amusing that Keiko’s declaration that she knows her husband doesn’t drink coffee later in the day ends up being wrong. Maybe O’Brien doesn’t just drink it around her. Maybe he’s said it a few times but it’s not an absolute. But anyway, I feel like there had to have been some other way to prove that the video was altered. Or has video faking gotten THAT good?

* I’m glad Bashir gets some sympathetic character moments here, even though the early discussion between him and O’Brien was veering dangerously into “women, am I right?” territory. His argument against marriage actually kind of makes sense, and makes him a little more of a mature character.

* I kind of wish we’d gotten a bit more emotion from the people on DS9 about the supposed death of their comrades.

* I don’t really get how the title ties into the story.