Werewolf 96 – Lord of the Wolves: The Shire (Day 1)

Gandalf never came back.

Frodo had possessed the ring for several years before Gandalf told him of his suspicions – that this was the One Ring, the corrupting ring meant to rule the others, a large part of Sauron’s power of old. Several years before they proved this on the fire of Frodo’s hearth in Hobbiton. Gandalf had warned him that he must leave the Shire with the ring, that it wasn’t safe, and then had promised to return to make the journey with him.

Gandalf did not return.

On the anniversary of Bilbo’s party, Frodo knew that he could put it off no longer, with or without Gandalf, and so the Fellowship started out towards Rivendell. Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin could not know the dangers that lay ahead.

They were immediately pursued by Black Riders – horrible hooded figures on horses. They did not know it then, but these were the Nazgül, the emissaries of the Dark Lord. Cruel and deadly.

In desperation, they headed into the Old Forest, escaping for a moment the riders but falling into other dangers; Old Man Willow and the Barrow-Wights. They also found unexpected help: The one-day role of TOM BOMBADIL has been activated. Check your QTs. One-day roles can be town or scum. 

Bedraggled and pursued, the hobbits finally arrived at the Prancing Pony in Bree. Greeted by the absent-minded innkeeper, Barliman Butterbur, they found themselves in the common room, surrounded by unfamiliar faces. A man named Strider, trying to strike some kind of dark deal with them. Villagers feeding them beer after beer. An ill-faced Bill Ferny and his cruel-looking friends.

Who will you trust? And who will you…not? You must decide before the sun sets.



  • The Fellowship (9)
    • Frodo: The ring-bearer. The bearer of the ring is resistant to night-kills. If the ring-bearer is day-killed or corrupted (recruited), the ring passes to the next living non-corrupted member of the fellowship in this line of succession.
    • Sam, Merry, & Pippin: Ring-bearers in waiting. No other powers.
    • Aragorn: Can heal with their knowledge of athelas. Chooses one player per night to heal from night-kill. Can heal themselves. Cannot heal the same player two nights in a row.
    • Boromir: Automatically becomes a Nazgül (Wolf) on Day 3. However, if they are the only remaining living Nazgül, they will revert back to town. This still applies even if they are corrupted (recruited) before Day 3.
    • Gimli: Jailor. May not jail themselves. May not jail the same person two nights in a row.
    • Gandalf: If killed, will resurrect on the day of their choosing. Gandalf must be dead one full day before resurrection.
    • Legolas: Investigator. Results will read NAZGÜL or NOT NAZGÜL.
    • NOTE: The ring-bearer is prevented from being night-killed due to the invisibility associated with wearing the ring. HOWEVER, if the ring-bearer role-claims outright, everyone will then know who they are and they will be vulnerable to night-kills. An outright role-claim would include “I’m [CHARACTER]” or “I am the ring-bearer” or some variation on such. The mod will be the final arbiter as to whether the ring-bearer has made such a role-claim. As a result, if someone receives the ring who has already role-claimed, they will also be vulnerable to night-kills.
  • Eowyn – Attempts to kill one player every night. They are only successful if they target the Witch-King of Angmar.
  • Vanilla Town (8)

NAZGÜL (4 Wolves):

  • Witch-King of Angmar – can only be night-killed by Eowyn. Can be day-killed like any other player.
  • Khamûl the Easterling – can attempt to corrupt (recruit) one townie every night until successful.
  • Nameless Numenorean Nazgül #1 – Investigator. Investigation reveals the role of the player.
  • Nameless Numenorean Nazgül #2 – Vanilla wolf.

OTHER POWERS (2 Alternative Win Conditions):

  • Saruman (Serial Killer) – traditional SK win condition (wins if they are left alive at the end with one townie; if the final players left alive are the SK and a wolf, a special ending will occur).
  • Gollum (Neutral) – If Gollum is still alive at the end for a town win, and Frodo is dead, Gollum wins instead of town. Also, if Gollum is alive and all of the members of the fellowship have died or been corrupted, the ring will fall to them, and the game will continue, although town can no longer win.

There will also be daily, single-day roles that can be assigned to either town or scum. Check your QTs every day to find out if you’ve been assigned a one-shot role.

Night actions will occur in the order that enables the most actions to go through.


1. Mayelbridwen (Embla, Halfling Ranger)

2. Mr. Glitch (Thörnn Glitchimüs Ironthumper)

3. Platypus Basileus (Reaganomicmir, son of Lamborghinimir)

4. Spooky (Andaly Dusklow)

5. Sic Humor (Vaarsuvius)

6. Sukaluski (The Sukarillion)

7. Josephus Brown (Sting)

8. Inndeeeeeeed (Walter White Out of Time)

9. Annanomally (Hen Wen, the oracular pig)

10. Louiebb (Ivorwen)

11. Cop on the Edge-ish (Karrin Murphy, Chicago PD)

12. Goat (The Rhosgobel Rabbit)

13. Owen (Oregon Trail Wagon Train Leader)

14. Hoho Possum (wee ho of ‘possum gulch)

15. Forget It Jake (Geoff the Ent)

16. Wasp (Leslie Paynore, Wizard in Training)

17. Donalbain (Lord Donal of Bain)

18. Subsaharan

19. DW (Yung Link)

20. April (Shadowfax)

21. Mac/Lindsay (Rather Dashing)

22. Spiny Creature (Kenku Creature)

23. Hayjay (Alex Rettichzüchter)

24. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather (Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood)


1. Colonel Mustard

2. Hayes Code

3. Lamb Dance


DO NOT QUOTE from any of your QT’s. Doing so will put you in danger of being mod-killed.


You are one of the five free peoples of Middle-Earth: Elves, Dwarves, Men, Ents, and Hobbits. Let’s be honest, you’re probably a dwarf. You have no power other than your vote (Vanilla Town). Use it wisely.


Participation: Please note that you must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed or replaced.

Role-play: Please do not role-play as actual characters from the books or movies. In addition to the listed roles, other characters will be making an appearance.