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Sports Corner – July 10, 2019

In the grand scheme of things, even within the sports world, the winner of the Home Run Derby is not very important.  But forgive me if I feel like celebrating Pete “Polar Bear” Alonso’s win on Monday night.  It has been and will continue to be a long, frustrating season for Mets fans.  Alonso’s victory, the first solo win ever for a Met in the Derby, is a bright spot amidst the despair and gloom at Citi Field.  So allow me to indulge myself, and to hope that Alonso’s rookie season continues to be one for the books.

And that done, we can return to most important sporting events:

  • Congrats to the US women’s soccer team on another World Cup title.  Now can we pay them what they are worth?
  • Congrats to the Clippers on winning the Kawhi sweepstakes and the offseason.
  • We have seen the future of tennis and her name is Coco.
  • The Tour de France is off and rolling

As ever, chat about all sports welcome.